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Meet the Team

Our team are at the heart of everything we do at Samera. Our team is dedicated to our clients, but more importantly to the team they work with.

Arun Mehra
Arun MehraCEO
Nigel Crossman
Nigel CrossmanHead of Commercial Finance
Farisa Siddique
Farisa SiddiqueDirector of Business Development
Katherine Molyneux
Katherine MolyneuxFinance Consultant
Juliette Davis
Juliette DavisPersonal Assistant to Arun Mehra
Edel Holmes
Edel HolmesInternal Accountant
George Bellamy
George BellamyCompany Videographer
Nathan Cook
Nathan CookAccounts and Compliance Manager
Chris O'Shea
Chris O'SheaSocial Media and Content Manager
TeddieSamera Mascot

Why Samera

The story of Samera Ltd is truly one of inspiration. Our first-hand knowledge of the industry combined with focus on inspiring, motivating and facilitating others to do the same, take charge of their lives and live life “large” is what makes Samera Ltd. stand far above the rest in the industry.

Samera are a family-business that has made its mark in the Healthcare Industry in the UK.

Founded by Arun Mehra, Managing Director in 2002 with the desire to provide solid, sustainable solutions to people in the Healthcare industry. Offering expert advice on developing their businesses and profit, creating an asset, delivering security and complete peace of mind to our clients by focusing on their individual needs and tailoring a bespoke service around those needs.

Samera realises that people in the Healthcare Profession are largely in need of assistance not solely with their taxes but also with understanding Setting Up in Practice, their finances, marketing, creating an asset, setting up an exit strategy and much more. We realized that the vast majority of accountancy firms providing solutions to people in the industry were not providing what their clients wanted – expert advice on developing their businesses and profit.

As an independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors, Samera enjoys inspired ability and freedom to design and produce a service entirely personalised to each client’s individual needs. With expert solutions, from accountancy to tax planning, corporate finance and financial growth advice, we aim for perfection by creating timeless unrivalled value and reliability, with the individuality and exclusiveness of a personal advisor, creating a unique legacy to secure your future.

Samera is no ordinary accountancy firm, but a firm dedicated to the Healthcare Industry, securing financial freedom for your future. We can help you on every step of your journey, from graduation to retirement.

Our Culture

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

The culture at Samera is all about helping each other to achieve the outcome of the organization, but also one where an individual achieves their own aspirations.

Teamwork is the key to this, there really is no room for any ego’s or prima donna’s in the Samera team, each person mucks in, gets their hands dirty and will get the job done.

We believe in the ethos of building a close-knit team that works together and then functions at its highest ability. We believe that getting the right team is everything in business.

We also know that sometimes things don’t always go to plan, but by having the right team, attitude and motivation most challenges can be overcome. One thing for sure, you can rely on the Samera team to get the job done, even when things are tough for you and them.

If you are seeking a capable team that excels in doing things differently please get in touch with us