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Samera Ltd is an innovative firm challenging the old guard of traditional accountancy practices whilst embracing the changing demands of the UK dental and medical market and focusing on helping dentists and doctors with the business needs of their practices. Established by Arun Mehra, Managing Director of Samera Ltd, in 2002, the firm has experienced an unrivalled period of growth focusing purely on the rapidly growing UK healthcare sector.

No Ordinary Accountancy Firm

Samera is no ordinary accountancy firm, but a firm providing the full array of business solutions, from accountancy to tax planning to Finance Director (FD) services to helping win NHS tenders, solely to UK dentists and doctors.

Samera recognised early on the rapid changes taking place in UK dentistry and the fact that most dentists, never having been taught any type of business skill, lacked the business know-how on how to manage their practices as businesses. Arun realised that dentists were crying out for assistance with their finances, and that the vast majority of accountancy firms providing solutions to dentists were not providing what their clients wanted – expert advice on developing their businesses.

Arun realised early on that the UK dental industry was experiencing a massive period of change, yet there really was no body helping the 11,000 UK dental practices with their changing business needs.

Dedicated to Healthcare since the beginning

At Samera we all strive to provide a service that excites, interests and most of all benefits our clients, helping them progress in their chosen marketplace – UK Healthcare..

Our focus on the Healthcare industry enables us to develop our services particularly with dentists and doctors in mind. However, we have taken this one step further than similar accountancy firms by realising very early on that to provide an outstanding level of service to our target clients, dentists and doctors, we needed to understand their business much more.

Our clinical lead is Dr Smita Mehra, a practising Dentist registered with the GDC who helps us further understand both the clinical and business requirements of the dental sector, and to enable us to get a clearer understanding of the industry needs.

Our Own Dental Practices – The Neem Tree – An Ideas Factory

However, we didn’t think even this was quite enough. Therefore, in July 2004 we actually opened , The Neem Tree ( in Wandsworth Town, South West London. We opened The Neem Tree from squat and within three months the practice was making a profit. Since 2004, we have opened further Neem Tree clinics, in Canary Wharf and also Esher, Surrey, also where Samera’s headquarters are based.

In these clinics we offer the full range of private dental services, including general and cosmetic dentistry as well as orthodontics and facial aesthetics.

We use The Neem Tree as an “ideas factory” for developing new systems and ideas and testing our financial, marketing, communication and other business tools.

This is unique and ensures we actually understand a lot of the issues healthcare professionals face on a regular basis, since we have had the same issues in our dental practice. Having probably experienced your problems in our very own dental practice, and coming up with a well thought through solution, makes us a very unique proposition in UK healthcare.

Speakers and Regular Press Contributors

We write regularly on dental business for the leading dental magazines, and members of our team are regularly asked to speak at dental conferences and seminars, including the British Dental Association.

We like to ensure that every one of our clients benefits from our specialist knowledge and advantages. Whilst we offer the very highest quality of accountancy and tax services as standard, we are continually developing our service offerings to ensure we are able to cater for a dentist’s every need.

We offer the full array of consultancy services covering topics as wide ranging as practice start-up advice, team development, balanced scorecards and marketing, plus the usual accountancy and tax services

Samera Ltd has come a very long way in a very short time. In less than ten years we have grown into a business at the forefront of UK healthcare and developed a reputation for efficient, innovative and high quality service. We are committed to improving UK healthcare and look forward to working with you.