Arun Mehra – Managing Director

With almost twenty years of commercial experience and knowledge in Dentistry, Arun’s expertise is valued by hundreds of businesses across the UK. His financial acumen and know-how, along with his hands on commercial expertise has helped clients, large and small, new and established to achieve great things.

His energy and passion in helping clients is infectious and leading his team to do their best is at the top of his list of business priorities. He has a vast network of experienced contacts he can draw on to help clients when needed.

Arun is the founder of the Samera Group, starting the business with just one client sitting at his father’s dining table. Fifteen years on, Team Samera now service hundreds of Dental clients, run exciting events, help clients raise finance, and are very active in helping clients buy or sell Dental practices.

Outside of his business interests he is an active member of his local community, a Scout leader and regular fundraiser for many charitable organisations. Arun enjoys playing golf (badly), cycling, endurance sports, adventure travel and reads a lot. Arun is also a keen gardener and very proud of his new vegetable patch.

His ambition is to visit every country in his lifetime, he still has quite a few to go but has planned these for when (or if) he retires!

Arun and Samera Ltd.

The story behind Arun and how Samera Ltd came to be is truly one of inspiration. Arun’s first-hand knowledge of the industry combined with focus on inspiring, motivating and facilitating others to do the same, take charge of their lives and live life “large” is what makes Samera Ltd. stand far above the rest in the industry.

Arun is passionate about helping people in the Healthcare industry build a better business by building an Asset as opposed to an Income. He is not just passionate, he’s driven! His superior knowledge of business and finance combined with his in depth understanding of the industry and management are second to none in the UK. Giving sound advice and helping businesses in the industry grow, that is his speciality.

As owner and Managing Director of Samera Ltd and Co-owner of the Neem Tree Dental Group with his wife Dr Smita Mehra, Arun has a unique advantage over most Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors. He has insight and understanding in to the industry that can only be gained through actually being involved first hand.

Samera is no ordinary accountancy firm, but a firm focusing on you and your future, helping you on every step of your journey, from graduation to retirement. Samera realises that people in the Healthcare Profession are largely in need of assistance not solely with their taxes but also with understanding point such as, Setting Up in Practice, finances, marketing, creating an asset, setting up an exit strategy and much more, and that the vast majority of accountancy firms providing solutions to people in the industry were not providing what their clients wanted – expert advice on developing their businesses and profit.

However, he didn’t think even this was quite enough. Therefore, in July 2004 he and Smita opened, The Neem Tree ( in Wandsworth Town, South West London. Opened from squat, within three months the practice was making a profit. Since 2004, another two Neem Tree clinics have successfully opened, in Canary Wharf and Esher, Surrey, also where Samera’s headquarters are based. Since then they were approached by a well-known medical company interested in purchasing one of the practices, (creating an asset).

Setting up The Neem Tree from scratch allowed them to use the practice as an “ideas factory” for developing new systems and ideas. Fine tuning financial, marketing, communication and other business tools enables Arun and Smita to truthfully offer insight and knowledge on the ins & outs, do’s and don’ts of Setting Up in Practice from actual Hands On experience, something most healthcare accountancy’s cannot do! Arun has helped countless clients across the UK set up and run successful practices since the beginning of Samera.

This is unique and ensures an actual understand of the issues healthcare professionals face on a regular basis. Having probably experienced your problems in their own practices and accounting business, and coming up with well thought through solutions, makes for a very unique proposition in UK healthcare.

Outside of Samera Arun’s strong desire to work with people continues. He is actively involved with charity work, a keen sportsman, and loves nothing more than adventure travel with his family.

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