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The Samera Chronicles August 2017

Before I head off in my camper van to Sweden for my holidays, I thought I would update you with what the Samera team have been up to on all fronts.

In this edition:

Details of what the Samera Practice Sales Team have been up to in July

More videos – David and the team have been busy with loads of videos related to Dental

accountancy and tax! For anything tax please watch these!

A little bit about our recent addition to our team, Farisa Siddique, Director of Practice Sales

Samera Practice Sales

Facts and figures for Samera Practice Sales in the month of July

5,150,000 – NHS contract worth of practices valued 3,800,000 – private income of practices valued

195,000 – Total number of UDAs for practices valued 7,110 – Miles travelled by the team, 295 less than in June 4,970 – registered buyers looking to acquire their practices 3,942 – emails sent and received by the team

575 – miles , distance of the further practice on the market with us from London Charing Cross

64 – total number of dental chairs in the practices valued

27 – number of hours on the phone talking to buyers and sellers

17 – new enquiries received of dental practice owners looking to value their practices

9 – number of Counties with practices on the market with Samera 6 – number of new instructions of practices for sale

5 – Kgs in body weight lost through calorie reduction (not physical activity) by the team,

4 – number of practices in the due diligence legal stage 3 – number of deals agreed

2 – average cups of coffee per day drank by the team (with Max pushing the average higher)

0.9 – miles/distance of the nearest practice on the market with us from London Charing Cross


Samera Boot Camp – Manchester!

This year’s Manchester Setting up in Practice Bootcamp tickets are now on sale. It will be held at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on 17th and 18th November 2017. If you are looking to set up or buy a dental practice, this is the event for you.

Arun and Smita will share their wealth of experience of the do’s and dont’s in setting up or buying a Dental practice. Please do not hesitate in contacting Juliette ( directly for special offers.

Samera Accountancy + Tax – FAQ’s

Our team have been busy creating video FAQ’s all about Dental Accountancy and tax.

If you have a question please visit this page and find the video and hopefully we will answer your question.

We will be adding more and more videos as we gain further questions. Please feel free to share this page

Click here to watch video’s and get answers to your questions

Our Team

A Little Bit about Farisa Siddique

Farisa began her career within the dental industry over 16 years after she literally fell into dentistry as an emergency patient and has never looked back.

Farisa has held a number of positions in the Dental Industry and now she is a Director in our Practice Sales Business. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team.

Just back from a short break in Portugal….these are her experiences!

First taste of Portugal

I was fortunate to be visiting Portugal for 10 days with a friend who flew in from NY and organised the entire trip at the beginning of July.

With no knowledge of the itinerary, I literally was submersed feet first with Porto- Madeira-Lisbon-Porto with Sintra and Lagos also thrown into the mix, and I loved every minute of it.

From the tranquility of Porto Santo beaches in Madeira and the scenic Praia Dona Ana in Lagos it was worth the scenic and somewhat hairy routes.

My highlights were the magical Pena Palace, Porto Moniz, neo Gothic gem of Porto, Livraria Lello and sweet heavenly pastries of Pasteis de Belem! Yummy!

I hope you have a great summer!

  Our You Tube page is doing really well, we have 100 videos, offering advice and tips, and over 150 subscribers which is now growing well. Please take a look and get in contact if you have any questions.

We have a very active August ahead of us, but always available. For any Dental Business advice please get in touch!

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