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Orthodontics – is it too late to tender?

Tendering for orthodontics is still viable, with commissioning in the North of England and Midlands and the East of England are still open. South of England and recently London results prove it’s a mixed bag out there, from existing practices retaining contracts to large well known corporates losing massive well [...]


Business Advice for Dentists

Is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Sweat, stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. Don’t kid yourself if you think owning and running a business is your path to riches and financial freedom. For many entrepreneurs there isn’t a pot of gold waiting for them, [...]


Changes at Royal Bank of Scotland

You will have seen many articles in the press regarding the process that the Royal bank of Scotland is to go through to reduce its customer base and pass customers to the “challenger banks”. The banks for the switching date of 25 February have been named as: Arbuthnot Latham & [...]


Is Cash Flow a Bit Stretched at this Time of Year?

Your dental practice's cash flow can be stretched at this time of year due to several things; A slowdown in business over the holiday period. Extra payments due, such as tax. Cash flow has been used to buy equipment / cars for the business etc. All of these can be [...]


Tax Payments for Dentists in 2019

As we start 2019, your accountants will be letting you know what taxes you must pay and the dates by which the payments are due. If you have not put enough aside to cover the tax liability, or you have had a great year and the liability is higher than [...]


The Success of Bootcamp 2018

The Setting up in Practice Bootcamp 2019  is fast approaching on January 25th in London. With 20 clients booked in, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the last Bootcamp, held in Manchester, when we had a similar number of attendees. So, of the 20 attendees, what progress [...]


What 2018 Taught Me and How to Handle 2019

I felt writing a blog post that really reflected how I am feeling as we enter the dusk of 2018. For many years, I never thought I would make it to 45 years old (but I did back in February) as my mum never made it past that age – [...]


Webinar – The Language of Communication

Smita and I were privileged to have Dr Barry Oulton share his expertise on the language of communication on a recent webinar. Barry is a very experienced private dentist and an excellent communicator, in this webinar he shares his tips and tools on communicating in dental practice. [...]