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7 Survival Tips to the NHS Tendering Process

Is the tender financially viable for YOU? Do a high level costing; consider number of patients you will see, the type of service you will provide, what’s the average number of UDA per patient, location needs and how far is it away from where you live, will it be associate/principal [...]


Financing your first dental practice acquisition

In this recorded webinar Arun Mehra and Nigel Crossman discuss how to raise finance for your first dental practice. Approximately 35 minutes in duration, Arun and Nigel impart their invaluable experience and knowledge to help you secure the practice you desire on the best finance terms available. For assistance with [...]


Dental Practice Valuations

Dental Market Values vs FTSE 100 The Arbitrage Opportunity Valuation Methodologies Turnover based % EBITDA and EBITDA Multiples How to establish the Dental Practice EBITDA EBITDA Multiples in the UK Dental Market Current Dental Market EBITDA Multiples Deferred Consideration Our View of the Dental Market & Lending Criteria Samera Practice [...]


NHS Orthodontic Tenders – London Lots

NHS Orthodontics provision in London - To tender or not to tender, that’s the confusion! It’s finally here, after months and months of speculation, the NHS Orthodontic Tenders - London lots have been revealed last week at the marketing event in Kings Cross. The Samera team were in attendance to [...]


Samera Charity Quiz Night – 3rd July 2018

Samera Charity Quiz Night The Gables - Moorgate London 3rd July 2018 Do you think you could beat The Chaser? Or are you the Brains of Britain, but never have had the opportunity to show your brains off? Or are you too old to apply to University Challenge but have a [...]