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Financial Tips for Associate Dentists

11 Essential Financial Tips for Associate DentistsArun’s 11 tips that can lead to Financial FreedomIt shocks and saddens me when I see many young, energetic dentists excited about their careers but really managing their hard earned cash through poor advice.It’s well known upon University graduation, Dentists are amongst the highest [...]


7 Top Action Tips – Finance for Daycare Nurseries

Raising Finance to Purchase a Day Care Nursery Finance for Daycare Nurseries Parents are busier than ever, and childcare has become a necessity for many working parents, this has seen a growth in the need for more daycare nurseries in the UK. As you would imagine daycare nurseries are very [...]


Teddie Puts a Smile on all our Faces

Teddie is a regular well loved visitor to our offices always putting a smile on all our faces! She's transformed our lives in the last 18 months and even had a massive impact on the Samera business! She sits smiling on our team website page and in fact was the [...]


5 Quick Tips when Buying a Dental Practice

How do you look to the Banks CV - Does your CV look like you are ready to own a practice, have you clearly detailed your dental and management experience such as courses, mentoring staff, training staff and dealing with CQC? How strong are your associate accounts, would they be [...]


How to Grow Your Dental Practice with Social Media

Like any business, if you are running a dental practice you cannot afford to ignore the strength of social media marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn provide you with the opportunity to connect with current patients, prospective patients and other dental professionals. This connection allows you to promote [...]


How to Grow a Dental Practice

According to a report published by IBIS World in 2017, the size of the dental market in the UK was £6.7bn, with a growth projection of 1.1% over the following five years. This means that the time is right to grow a dental practice. If you get it right, you [...]


How to Grow Your Dental Practice with Google SEO

Theoretically, you can have the best dental practice in the world, in terms of patient care, and it will still fail to thrive if people do not know that it exists. Gone are the days when word of mouth was the way most people found a dentist. Today, people go [...]