Capital Allowance Planning for Dentists and Healthcare Professionals
Capital Allowance Planning is an important step in saving tax. Over the years, Samera healthcare advisors have been very active in helping clients with capital allowance planning.We have found that many clients are unaware of the potential capital allowances they can claim to help reduce their tax.
Detailed below are some recent capital allowance claims we performed for some clients.
Dental Surgery
Our surveying team recently worked with a client who owned a Dental Surgery which they purchased for £250,000. Our surveying team went and surveyed the property.  We identified £73,171 of unclaimed qualifying expenditure which equated to 29% of the property purchase price.
Medical Centre
Our surveyors recently undertook a survey at a medical centre with a property value of £300,000. Our consultants concluded a survey of the site and were able to successfully identify a total of £54,797 which equated to 18.27% of the purchase price.
Our surveyors recently met with a client who owned two small offices bought for a total of £555,482. Our surveying team identified a total of £118,453 and after an apportionment was made the actual Capital Allowances claim valuation was boosted to £158,334; 28.5% of the purchase price.
Mixed Property Portfolio
Our consultants tackled a property portfolio of ten tenanted properties including dentist surgeries; a highstreet bank; office units; a retail unit and houses of multiple occupations (HMO) for the purpose of identifying unclaimed Capital Allowances. Originally £426,195 of claimable items were identified which then ascended to £660,271 post apportionment.
Doctors Surgery
A client approached our surveying team who owned a doctors surgery they purchased for £101,954. Our team surveyed the property and
identified £50,670.79 of unclaimed qualifying expenditure which equated to 49% of the property purchase price.
Warehouse & Offices
A client recently purchased a large warehouse with accompanying offices and approached our Capital Allowances team to complete a survey. Our team of surveyors visited the property and identified £475,000 worth of unclaimed qualifying expenditure.
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