Samera Seven Rocket Fuel Coaching

We know the Rocket Fuel to any successful business are the Samera Seven Strategies.

If you are looking for that Rocket Fuel, to move your practice to the stratosphere, our programme is for you.

We deliver the coaching programme over a 12-month period in the following manner.

We spend an initial day together reviewing your business and assessing the current status plus clarifying where you are now, and where do you want to get to. From this initial day we will draft a plan of action based on the Samera Seven approach, with this plan acting as the master plan to constantly refer to.

Over the 12 months, we will schedule an additional 6 full days with you, covering all the areas of the Samera Seven model. In these days we will review progress plus help with coaching you through the model of change.

We will also arrange for 6 skype/phone calls over the 12 months arranged in between each scheduled meeting date to aid with Q&A and idea generation.

We would need to closely monitor the financial performance of the business based on management information you prepare (or if you need assistance we can take care of this through our Samera FD service for a separate fee)

Our aim will be to help you turn your practice into a streamlined focused business, one that is not so heavily reliant on you being a clinician full time, but one that has significant value even when you are not there.

The demands placed upon today’s dentists are ever increasing and they have to possess the skill sets and competencies to deliver the goods.

My coaching is an individualised approach to your professional development that focuses on results and outcomes. Our aim is to help you move your business significantly in the direction you have chosen so you achieve the high standards you have set yourself whilst building a fruitful and successful business.

For further details please get in touch or contact us via our online form.

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