COVID 19 - Dental Practice Rescue Packages

COVID 19 – Dental Practice Rescue Services

1. The Financial Rescue Package

Whilst the Government states that the main banks can offer a Coronavirus Business Loan, we are finding that our clients are having difficulty obtaining such a loan.

If you need to obtain some short term financing, we can help in the following manners:

  • Prepare 3 month and 12 month cash flow forecasts
  • Find a suitable lender that can offer you short term finance
  • Provide financial support and advice to you.

Our fee is £500.

All fees payable online in advance via our website.

This is a discounted fee for COVID 19 – Our minimum normal fee is £995.

2. The Pivot Package

“Pivoting” is a familiar word in the startup world, but now it MUST apply to your Dental world.  When your business model isn’t working you need to suddenly and fundamentally change what you are doing.

This service is about how you PIVOT from what you were doing to something completely different in these changing times to keep your business ALIVE.

Overnight, the practice you built with blood, sweat and tears has closed.

You have no income BUT still many costs.

Your patients need help, but you cannot carry out routine dental care.

What should you do?

No-one knows when you will be able to go back to “normal”, but it’s essential you are ready when you do go back, but how? 

Firstly, the MOST important factor is to RING FENCE and PROTECT your current patient base. They are the people you MUST look after in these changing times.

Practice downtime DOES NOT mean you stop working.

This is the time you need to plan, prepare and execute for when you do open again.

In this CLOSED period, you MUST:

  1. Communicate with every one of your patients
  2. Continue the dialogue and build the relationship with your patients using a variety of technology
  3. Show you care about them all, even in these DARK times
  4. Offer alternative support or services virtually

This will lead to you reinforcing your BRAND and making it even stronger.


To ensure your business survives for you, your team, your family and your community, but is ready for when you do go back to clinical work.

Now is NOT the time to worry but for POSITIVE ACTION.


Whilst you won’t be doing clinical dentistry, you and perhaps some of your team can do all of this from the safety and comfort of your homes providing advice, support and education.

Using the right technology and the right systems, you can be caring for your patients, albeit in a different manner, right from your laptop.

Our 100% Support

We will show you how to PIVOT your business. You will get:

  • All written templates required to communicate with your patients.
  • Ready prepared Slides to present to patients.
  • Details and Advert copy of how to market your services digitally whilst closed.
  • Details of all the technologies you need to be using.

Of course, you can do this yourselves, but we have EVERYTHING ready so you can have this all set up and running within 72 hours.

Now is the time to PIVOT, NOT in a few weeks or months time.

Your patients need you, but you need your patients too.

Our fee is £500.

All fees payable online in advance via our website.

This is a discounted fee for COVID 19 – Our minimum normal fee is £995.


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