Experienced Dental Accountants in London

2018 Jan 03

Experienced Dental Accountants in London

Our team of Dental Accountants in London are experienced, knowledgeable and excellent at solving financial issues, allowing you to focus on your practice and patients and leaving the messy work to us.

Across London, there are over 3000 dental practices. Some are single-handed practitioners whilst many are large multi-chair dental practices offering the full range of dental and orthodontic treatments. Many of the London Dental practices offer NHS services, whilst an increasing number are now offering private dental care. In addition, many dentists graduate from the main Dental Schools in London and then stay on to work at the many dental practices across London offering NHS, private and specialist dental care.

The Samera team assist with new Dental Associates, Practice owners, as well as Dental Body Corporates. In addition, many of our clients have been with us from when they started their Dental career, with many being multi-practice owners today.

To learn further about the services we provide London dentists, please read below and browse our website.

Tax Experts and Dental Accountants in London

Samera is a firm of London Dental Accountants that offer tax, accountancy and business advisory services to London dentists. We have over 200 Dentists as clients across the London area.

Our tax professionals are friendly, helpful and willing to help you with all aspects of the issues facing London dentists. London is one of the most competitive areas in providing dental care, yet the overheads are amongst the highest in the UK or Europe, so the need to operate an efficient, well-oiled dental practice is very high. Our team can most definitely help you with this.

Samera works with dental practices across all London boroughs. Our team has clients situated in the centre of London, including Harley Street and Wimpole Street, to all the suburbs across the Greater London area.
Our tax experts help our clients with a plethora of tax and accountancy related issues, including compliance, preparation of accounts and tax saving ideas.

For London Dental Associates

At Samera, we also work with hundreds of Dental Associates across the country, to whom our our team of Dental Accountants in London provide tax and accountancy support. Our offering to Dental Associates is swift, efficient and cost-effective, ensuring you only pay the tax you require – no more.

In addition, we support our Dental Associate clients taking that big first step into practice ownership by helping them ensure they understand the process of buying or setting up a practice, as its imperative you are guided by seasoned professionals in this area. Buying or setting up a practice is one of the largest investments you will make, therefore it is imperative you work with a team that has done this many times before.

We are very experienced in helping Dental Associates looking to take their career into practice ownership and many attend our annual Samera Boot camp event.

Xero Cloud Accounting Experts

The Samera Dental Accountants team are huge fans of using the latest cloud accountancy software. Samera is a Xero partner and can help implement the Xero software system into your practice. This will save you time, make the running of your business much more efficient, and at the same time provide very up to date information to you to help you make better decisions about your practice.

Introducing Xero into your practice will also save you money, and ensure at the end of the year you don’t have to send a box of papers to your accountant if it has all be book-kept by you through the year on Xero.
By introducing Xero into your Dental practice, both you and your Samera accountant can have access to the same data, enabling you to work together on growing and developing your practice.

NHS Tender Experts

For over 10 years we have also been active in helping Dentists with applying for NHS tenders. Our team of London based advisors are experienced in helping Dentists and orthodontists in applying for an NHS Tender.

The tender process can be long, complicated and time-consuming, our team of Dental Accountants in London can help you with the drafting of the initial response and assist you with preparing the necessary paperwork for the tender. Our success rate in helping clients has been strong across the Greater London area.

Frequently asked questions by London Dentists

The Samera team are regularly called upon for their expertise on accountancy and tax matters for dentists across the London area.
Please watch the video, or read our answers to frequently asked questions by dentists on their tax and accountancy needs.

Samera understands the London Dental Market

Samera is based in London and the South-East and our team of London Dental Accountants can help your dental practice grow and succeed.
By choosing Samera, a firm of Dental Accountants in London, that understands the local market challenges you face daily, you will be in safe hands for all your financial and business aspects.

Since much of our team live in or around London, we know a lot of the dentists and have an extensive network at our fingertips to assist with our dental client base.

As detailed above, we can help with the accountancy and tax needs for a dental practice and also dental associates. Through introducing Xero into your practice, you will also ensure you run a much more efficient practice that enables you to focus on doing the Dentistry.

Finally, for many answers on accountancy and tax services for a dentist you will want to visit our dental accountants page where you can watch videos and read answers on common questions we get from London dentists.

In addition, we provide a whole range of other services to London Dentists, including book-keeping support, tax planning, payroll services, business plans and many more services.

Please get in touch with our Office for help with your Dental practice.

About arun

Arun Mehra FCA is a world leading expert on Dental Business and CEO of Samera. He has extensive expertise on financing, deal structuring and tax issues arising in Dental Businesses.

Outside of Dentistry, you can probably find him with a backpack travelling around the world.