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Outsourced Finance Director Services

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Managing a business requires great navigational skills, however, the only way to achieve this is if you receive quality information from an outsourced finance director to make good decisions know bad decisions are usually as a result of poor information.

Therefore, at Samera, we know that the key to running a successful business is to help our clients obtain critical financial and non-financial information about the performance of their business but then actually help them take some good quality decisions on moving it forward.

We know this is the key to helping businesses grow profits and improve performance.

Unfortunately, many small to medium size businesses don’t grasp this essential business concept, or if they do, they fail to implement it well to ensure they get good quality information to make great business decisions.

This can have a dire impact on any enterprise, especially during these current turbulent economic times.

Why all businesses need a Finance Director

Our experience of working with organisations both small and large tell us that they all need a great finance director, yet only a few actually utilise an FD. Why?

Mainly as they are not sure what value a great FD can add to an organisation.

However, not all finance directors are created equal.

Many don’t have the skills to actually communicate and interact with the owner and help them create a dashboard of the key elements that are necessary to manage a business to maximum profitability.

Many businesses wake up at the end of the year with a large profit, but with very little cash.

This can so easily be prevented with some very simple measurements along the way, business owners can achieve peace of mind and have absolute certainty about how they’re doing and what they need to do to get to the next level.

What’s needed is the Samera Outsourced Finance Director service.

What is the Samera Finance Director Service?

The Samera Finance Director service is a whole and complete solution for managing your practice’s financial affairs. We can work with an external book-keeper or accountant, or we can take on the whole management of your complete financial systems in your practice.

You will be way ahead of your competitors and other practices as the Samera Finance Director service becomes your partner in transforming these areas of your practice:

  • Improve the CASH FLOW in your business.
  • Work to ensure you have paid the least amount of tax legally possible.
  • Ensure you are structured correctly for asset protection and tax minimization.
  • Getting you accurate accounting numbers that are easy to understand and act upon, including a chart of accounts with templates that report the numbers to you in time for you to be able to influence them.
  • Help you increase and maximize the profits in your business.

How does the Samera Finance Director service work?

The Samera Finance Director service is a dynamic offering delivered by experts in their respective areas. We know this service will become your partner in creating effective economic decision-making making, and results.

What Is Delivered?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The critical drivers are the 2-5 things you need to see daily and weekly that if you measure and focus on, you’ll easily be able to correct and maximize the amount of money you’re able to send straight to the bottom line.

Business analysis

Every month the Samera Finance Director service will analyze your profit loss, balance sheet, and cash flow and help you to review it so you know exactly how your business is performing compared to the budget, and compared to the same period from previous years.

Together we’ll go over your trends, patterns and margins and how you can turn more of your profit into cash NOW.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Because the Samera finance director service will have built forecasts and sales budgets for all your expenses, when you plan the next 12 months you’ll have a point of comparison and be able to assess how you’re doing in the business. You’ll know where you really are and you’ll be able to set targets with your team that are truly achievable.

We provide the Samera Finance Director service to individual practices as well as dental groups.

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Samera’s group of Chartered Accountants and members of the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) have more than 20 years of combined experience in providing tax advice and dental practice services.


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