Dental Group Finance Director Service

For the last 15 years, the Samera team have almost exclusively been working with Dental groups across the United Kingdom.

What do great practices and Dental groups do differently?

As accountants to many Dental practices, we have seen what the great practices do, but also what the not so great do too.

Whilst having a great team, strong marketing and clinical excellence is essential, one area often neglected is the financial management of the practice.

The great practices and Dental groups get this right, and understand having a grip on the financials will pay long-term dividends, not just in the annual profits, but in the longer term value creation when the time comes to exit or retire.

Focusing on the Finances is now more important than ever

At Samera, we feel a focus on the finances is the key to unlocking real financial freedom from your business.

The Dental market is becoming increasingly sophisticated with new entrants with deep pockets entering the market. This presents an opportunity for star performing groups to maximise their exit value by having a real grip on the practice financials.

The Samera Dental Group Finance Director service is tailored around your unique business following our analysis and will provide you with key achievable targets and changes to make that will give you the results your desire.

Further information is available on the following pdf –  Dental Group FD Service

For further details please get in touch or contact us via our online form.

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