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The Dental Associate Practice Buyers Service

The Dental Associate Practice Buyers Service from Samera will help you find a Dental Practice.

  • Are you looking for your first practice?
  • Are you struggling to find the right practice?
  • Do you know what you can afford?
  • Do you know the various options open to you to finance a practice purchase?

When you have finished a long day in the practice would you like someone to advise you on practices for sale – within your price range/location within your requirements for chairs and type of practice?

Then Samera’s Dental Associate Practice Buyers Service is for you!

For a small monthly fee, we will:

  • Hold an initial meeting with you to establish the location you are looking at for your new venture /the type of practice – NHS/Private/Mixed /number of surgeries/ type of dentistry practised / level of EBITDA
  • We will provide a full review of your purchasing power – including what level of deposit you may need and funds to cover costs
  • Provide a free assessment of practices that you are considering as to EBITDA levels/growth potential / any issues
  • Send updates to you when relevant practices are placed on the main UK broker sales lists
  • Provide quarterly reviews of progress/changes in criteria and opportunities

How Much? Only £95+VAT per month

This service will save you time, provide you with details of what you can purchase and put you at the front of the queue when making an offer for a practice!

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