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List of Dental Practices for Sale in the UK

Interested in a Dental Practice For Sale?

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Dental Practices for Sale

The list of Dental practices for sale covers the whole of the UK. Samera practice sales are actively selling Dental practices in all corners of the UK. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Dental practice our team based in the UK can help you buy or sell a Dental practice. From our offices in Surrey and Cheshire, our team of Dental Practice Sales Experts are perfectly placed to help you buy or sell a practice. Our approach is always strictly confidential, ensuring our Dental clients receive the best service available.

Please bookmark this page and visit us regularly. We are fast becoming the preferred choice for Dentists when buying and selling practices. Why? Because we offer an alternative, transparent and realistic approach to dentists buying or selling a dental practice.

Success Story

Sale of Marlborough Dental Studio

The team were constantly providing support throughout the entire process and even post completion. The team understood the intricacies of my business made the process very easy and clean, which was one of my initial concerns prior to selling

I am delighted with the service provided by Samera healthcare advisors, it was clear from the onset that they were genuinely interested in helping me negotiate the best price with the right buyer. I would definitely recommend them, infact, I’ve already introduced them to three colleagues who are thinking of selling as they provided a 10/10 service.

Stephen Tarr, Marlborough Dental Studio

Services We Offer

At Samera we assist our UK & London based clients in Dental Practice Sales, identifying the right type of buyer for their practice.

The strongest demand is once again for dental practices for sale is London, followed by the South East and Midlands.

Most of the London-based practices for sale are predominantly for first and second-time buyers who register their buying interest with us, whilst interest is also increasing from nationally based and foreign-based investors.

When seeking a Dental Practice for sale, buyers are looking for:

  • Healthy Profits
  • An opportunity to add further value and grow the practice further
  • Proximity to railway stations
  • An opportunity to offer further private services to patients

One of the first tasks our London Dental Practice Sales Agents do is to prepare a free dental practice valuation of your dental practice when you inquire about selling your practice. Our experts evaluate your practice on several aspects. These include:

Financial performance

  • Property and environment
  • Current lease arrangements
  • NHS and private patient base

By going through this process, the aim is to present to our clients a realistic valuation of their practice in the current market. This usually takes a few weeks to prepare as there will be considerable information we will need to review and consider.

There are, of course, certain situations when the sellers may have to sell quickly due to family or health issues, but failing to think in advance and plan will certainly have an impact on the attractiveness of the practice when it comes to the market. The best way to achieve the optimal result in terms of price and personal terms is certainly to go to open market.

For example, specialist dentists not willing to commit to helping the new buyers with a transitional period of the handover of patients for a limited period of time will certainly attract fewer buyers than if they are willing to stay at the practice post completion in order to guarantee a continuation of patient care.

When the terms are agreed between sellers and buyers, sellers often feel the need to communicate to their staff and patients that they are selling. We would always advise continuing as business as usual until exchange of contracts has taken place, as informing staff too early can cause unnecessary uncertainty and disruption, and can possibly lead to some staff feeling upset or apprehensive about the new owners.

We are a firm of business advisors based in London and we are best placed to support you in selling your dental practices in London and the South East. Our team of Dental Accountants in London have extensive experience in helping clients sell their practices.

Any buyer looking to buy any practice will want to have visibility of at least the last 3 years sets of accounts, and these need to be presented in a very clear and simple way. Many buyers have questions, and our frequently asked questions for buyers is a popular page for buyers to obtain further information.

Specialist accountants are available to plan and prepare their accounts with their clients who are ready to sell. They can assist in restructuring the accounts in the best possible way so that the last 3 years that any buyers will look at, will give the best possible picture of the practice.

Presenting the figures in the best possible way will speed up the process and will minimise the number of questions that any buyer could ask.

One of the most common reasons for a delay in practice sales comes from issues arising from the property lease.

In certain cases, when the Standard Purchase Agreement is ready, and buyers and sellers are in agreement on all points and terms, the delay of deal completion comes from the leaseholder or their representative.

The leaseholder is the third party, often involved in practice sales, and their timetable and urgency may differ from that of the seller or buyer.

Ideally, if selling a dental practice that has a lease on the property, it is advisable to either have a long lease in place of at least 9-10 years or to engage with the leaseholder early on in the process to explain that you will be selling soon.

Pro Tip: We are currently advising many practices in the London market to engage with their landlord to extend their current lease to a minimum of 15 years, as having this in place before approaching the market will certainly speed up the selling process.

The CQC application is another potential reason for a delay in dental practice sales, which can sometimes result in up to 3 months delay if either the buyer or the seller don’t have their DBS check ready and available to submit, or the practice has not been inspected within the last 12 months.

The process of selling the dental practice involves deregistration of the seller and registration of the buyer to work at the practice, and this process will likely trigger a new CQC inspection unless one was carried out recently. So we always advise having everything ready and a valid and recent DBS that is not older than 6 months when planning to sell.

Every deal is different and clear communication is important to achieve a successful completion.

Please contact the Samera Practice Sales team to help you sell your dental practice.

Samera – Experts in Dental Practice Sales

Dental Practices 3Farisa Siddique

Farisa is a Director, Dental Business Expert, and Advisor in Dental Profit Improvement

“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple“ C.W.Ceran

The Samera Team are professionals in Dental Practice Sales

Why Buy with Samera:

  • Access to quality dental practices personally selected by Samera Practice Sales
  • Access to Samera Finance who can provide expert financing offerings available to you, ensuring you obtain an excellent financing deal
  • Access to Samera Accountants who can support and advise you on how to structure the best deal for you and save you tax
  • Proactive sourcing service of dental practices taken from our extensive list of accountancy clients and vast network in the Dental sector
  • A friendly team of professionals working with you to help you get the best out of your Dental career.
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Why sell with Samera:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced team that can help you find the right deal for you
  • Free valuation and Practice Healthcheck service.
  • We strictly vet all our buyers so no time wasting and only serious buyers are considered
  • Access to Samera Accountants who can advise you on the best approach to sell whilst minimising your tax payable
  • Access to all the major Dental Corporate Buyers and thousands of individual buyers across the UK and beyond
  • A confidential yet friendly service ensuring business continuity is maintained at all times
  • We charge very competitive fees yet are motivated to help you get the right deal for you.
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