Samera FD (Finance Director) Service – Your Practice Financial Partner

This is our most popular service amongst Dental Principals around the UK, whereby we take care of all the monthly and annual accountancy requirements whilst helping practices run better businesses. This complete solution is for those practices that want experts in business and finance to help them run their dental practices at an optimum level.

Here are a few of our clients using this service, listen to them what they have to say about it:

Simply put, the Samera FD service is a complete financial management solution to help grow your practice performance over the long term. By setting clear financial and non-financial targets which are in line with your business objectives and then monitoring monthly progress to these targets is the foundation of the Samera FD service.

Is the Samera FD service for you ?

What were your practice gross fees and profit last month?

Which of your Dental Associates is most profitable for your business?

Which dental treatments provide you with the highest profit margin?

How much did you spend on laboratory, material or associates last month? Is this reasonable or far too much?

How many new customers did you get last month and where did they come from?


If you are unsure about any of the answers you are not alone.

The Samera FD service will provide the answers to such questions, which will help you run and build a more profitable and efficient dental business.

Monthly Benefits to You

As an example, each month the Samera FD service can provide:

Exact turnover and profitability of your practice

Hourly rates of your dental and hygienist team to determine which dentists are profitable for the business

Areas for cost improvement and service fee changes

Budget versus Actual Analysis

A focus for your monthly dentist performance meetings

A focus for your monthly team performance meetings in order to assess motivation

A clear target structure to reward team effort

Clear identification of how many and where the new customers are coming from to aid with the marketing strategy.

A real focus of whether the business actions and performance are in alignment with your objectives.

Annual Benefits to You

Annually, the benefits include:

Year-end accounts prepared straight after the year end

Tax calculations prepared very early on in the year to aid with cash flow planning

Full review of the business performance right after the year end

Expert advice to help you run your business better

Each and every practice will have differing requirements for this service, but if you want to grow a successful and profitable practice with strong financial controls in place then Samera’s FD (Finance Director) service is essential for you.

Some Key benefits of the Samera FD service:

24/7 access to key management and financial information to help make timely decisions on practice performance

Reduced financial administration headaches to allow for more time to be spent on clinical courses or in the surgery

A simple and seamless process from basic records to annual accounts handled by a professional Chartered Accountancy firm dedicated to UK dentists

Access to an expert team who understand dentistry and its business issues

The possibility of slashing your tax bill by having a systemised accounting process

Risk of fraud at the practice minimised

Complete off site electronic back up of all annual financial information

The ability to compare practice performance against other dental practices.

Review of budget and fees annually to ensure you are earning the income you desire plus…lots lots more!

Key Features include:

Archived and current:

Annual budgets

Monthly management accounts including Profit and Loss accounts

Monthly list of payors

Monthly key performance indicators

Bi-annual performance reviews by Samera

Monthly payroll informationinformation

Graphical monthly analyses of practice performance

Complimentary downloadable practice management tools, designed by our team of accountants and dental professionals.

For further information on this practice transforming service please get in touch with Samera on 0207 100 8788.

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