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Setting up a Private GP Practice 2018-01-15T17:35:05+00:00

Over the years we have had many GP’s contact us about setting up their own private GP practice. Quite a few have attended our Dental events, trying to get ideas, and learning from the experience of Dentists opening up private practices.

Disgruntled with the NHS, the bureaucracy or the patients, whatever the situation, we anticipate more and more GP’s will be wanting to leave the NHS for a better quality life working independently, running their own business.

However, do remember that running your own private GP practice is akin to running your own business, which presents many challenges.

Whilst we are certainly no experts in running a GP clinic caring for patients, we feel there are quite a few areas we can help GP’s with.

These include:

  • Business plans and financial forecasts
  • Raising finance
  • Location selection
  • Legals
  • Property and planning
  • Marketing your GP services
  • Web marketing for your private practice

If you are looking to set up your own private GP practice, and you want to learn many of the business aspects of doing this, and making a success of it, please book on our annual course.

We only hold it once per year, but we can assure you we will give you much of the business knowledge you need to know to make a real success of it.

Please click on the link below to book your space.