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Arun Mehra Private Consulting

Designed to rapidly transform Dental Practice Performance

In Arun’s diverse (and fascinating) 20+ year career working with hundreds of dentists across the globe, he has been credited with over millions of $’s of business growth for dentists both large and small.

How would you like to have Arun help you transform your dental business growth?

Consider the possibility that there ARE much better ways to grow your business, leverage your opportunities, and deliver more value to your customers and clients – faster, safer, and more predictably!

Arun frequently gets asked to be a direct adviser to dental businesses of all sizes.

Arun is an expert in systematically adding significant value to businesses in a measured yet transformational manner. His no-nonsense approach is second to none and yields results for those willing to commit. His considerable experience in dental business combined with financial acumen and digital growth expertise is a very rare combination in global dentistry.

His current focus is to transfer his business-building expertise to you, via “highly-compressed” monthly consulting services.

If you own a Dental business that has the desire to grow— Arun built THIS program for you!

Programme Details:

  • Receive Arun’s highest level of private consulting engineered to create more profits, predictability, and marketplace dominance.
  • Visit Arun’s private office MONTH ONE for a 4-hour intensive/extensive deep dive 360-degree analysis session where Arun will learn all about your business.
  • Two private (NO-Nonsense, NON-Theoretical, Situation Specific) 90-minute advisory sessions a month to execute your strategic “growth and profit improvement” sessions with Arun. These will be conducted via Zoom or Skype.

Is this right for you?

  • You must be TOTALLY collaborative, directable, a master of execution, and have a strong prejudice towards action and strategic experimentation.
  • You must have a strong ethos, work ethic, and be reliable and accountable to Arun and the process (Arun believes success comes from borrowing higher performing success approaches from outside dentistry, constantly testing, building multiple pillars of market access vehicles, and leveraging-up all the internal and external multipliers available to your business).
  • You must be committed (and motivated) to invest 3 hours a month in private advisory discussion (and masterful thinking sessions) with Arun, and an adequate amount of time each month on implementation to grow your business to its fullest potential.
  • You must be able to comfortably afford the process, and recognize that it is going to be an integrated PRACTICE ENHANCEMENT system you will be building through this relationship AND not be looking for quick fix solutions.

Investment and Terms Available:

  • $3000 a month, for 12 months
  • OR choose the discounted rate for single payment option is $30K one-time.

Arun is limited in the number of direct advisory clients he can commit to supporting personally and therefore he is ONLY looking for high quality (and passionately motivated), but underperforming enterprises to advise.

If your dental business is stuck, underperforming its potential, or you need a hyper-growth, exponential profit-multiplying strategy, please fill out the short form below and someone will contact you to discuss your situation to see if we’re a match!

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