Do you want 50+ private patients per month?

Yes? Through Google and Facebook PPC we can help you achieve over a 4x ROI

Why Samera Digital?

Our approach to Dental Marketing is unique in Dentistry, as we test all our Dental marketing strategies on our very own Private Dental Group, The Neem Tree Dental group, before we share our ideas and strategies with our selected clients.

In our two private clinics we obtain over 100 private patients each month through PPC, achieving a minimum 4x return on our investment (ROI).

What is PPC?

Using services such as Google and Facebook's Advertising Platforms, we can target potential patients via a series of keywords in Google or demographic data in Facebook. 

When done correctly, PPC is a cost effective way of advertising your practice yielding an excellent Return on Investment. Read about this further on our blog post "How to Grow your Dental Practice with Google PPC"

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Increase Patients

Targeted adverts have proven to increase patient count, as well as more enquiries.

Increase Profits

Increased profits are achieved by adverts specifically targeted to patients via Google and Facebook.

Reach More People

Using both of these platforms you can reach more potential patients through re-marketing.

How Do You Rank Practice 

#1 on Google?

A quick video from our CEO, Arun Mehra; describing how you can rank #1 in Google.

Increase Your Profits

We believe in actual Sales Conversions NOT Brand awareness

Samera Digital is a full service PPC agency that has grown as a result of growing our own businesses by using PPC successfully. We felt that since we had been successful using PPC that many of our clients could benefit from our expertise to get an excellent ROI with PPC.

From Google Adwords to Facebook Ads, Samera Digital are serious about making PPC work for you.

How to Build Trust with Facebook Ads

A quick video from our CEO, Arun Mehra; describing how to succeed with Facebook Ads you have to build trust online with your audience AND Facebook.

What we use

We use various tools to help you gain the numbers you want.

Google Ads are the most effective form of digital advertisement. Adverts work faster than organic SEO. Google Ads allows you to reconnect with visitors of your website this is known as 'remarketing'. Remarketing is a way to send new adverts to users who have visited your website.

Facebook has a wide range of targeting options to narrow down your specific audience. Facebook can improve your brand awareness as users will see your ads in their newsfeed, multiple times per day. Remarketing is an effective tool on the Facebook Ads platform too.

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