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Master your Wealth

The Importance of Financial Education

There is so much noise today.

We are inundated with so many messages that it is truly very difficult to know what to do in terms of wealth building.

Is it to join the gold rush of Bitcoin, or is it to buy property in a slump, or is it to set up or buy a dental practice? What’s the correct direction?

In truth, it depends.

It firstly depends on what one considers as wealthy.

For many people it is having an obscene amount of money, giving them the opportunity to buy multiple properties, cars etc.

For others, it may be having the time to think and do what they want, with whom they want, when they want, whilst generating a passive income stream through various income streams.

For others, it may be paying off the mortgage.

For others, it may mean quitting your job, leaving the rat race, and travelling the world.

The Importance of Financial Education

The key to mastering any of these is financial education.

My working career has been all about understanding finance and money, its impact, and if you know what you are doing, and understand the many basics, how you can actually become wealthy in any of the scenarios detailed above.

There are so many aspects of financial education, but getting to grips with the following, is a great starting point for mastering your wealth.

  • Understanding the psychology of wealth building
  • Understanding your emotions and how to handle them when things go great but more importantly when they go wrong
  • The importance of saving regularly
  • The importance of understanding the difference between good debt AND bad debt
  • Understanding of the taxes that work for you, and those that hinder your wealth
  • How to invest in the equity markets
  • How to invest in property
  • Building and buying businesses and generating passive income streams

Being Rich or Wealthy?

There is a big difference between being rich or wealthy. Whilst people aspire to be rich, being wealthy is a lot harder to achieve.

Many people can become rich by earning more, but if you are spending a lot of what you are earning, you will need to keep earning to keep the cycle going.

Being wealthy is about having the time to choose to do what you want when you want. You may not even be earning much, but as long as your outgoings are less than what you are earning, you may have attained a point of wealth you aspired to – i.e financial freedom.

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