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Website Development

Your dental practice’s website is your most important online asset. In terms of advertising your practice, the services, treatments and staff, your website is the key to your marketing campaigns. It is the virtual embodiment of your business and, as such, needs to reflect your values and mission. Your website will make or break your marketing, and quite possibly your entire business.

Your website needs to be optimised for BOTH SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and UX (User experience). In simple terms, your website needs to be easy for Google to find and thus show to the user (SEO), as well as being easy for the user to navigate and understand (UX). A truly great website cannot have one without the other. A well-designed website that audiences love is no use if Google can’t easily find it and rank it highly in the search results. Similarly, a poorly designed website will not do you much good in terms of lead conversion even if Google ranks it highly in the search results.

User Experience (UX)

As a medical health professional, your website needs to reflect the professional and clinic nature of your work. A website that looks like it was built 10 years ago and then forgotten about does not inspire a huge amount of confidence in your practice. In fact, a poorly designed website will put potential clients off your practice. An outdated design, obvious stock photos, garish colour schemes or a cluttered homepage all do your business a disservice. If your website is poor enough, you may even be better off with no website at all!


It is not just the design that will affect how audiences respond to your website. The user experience is critical to a great website. If audiences cannot find the information or specific page they are looking for after only a handful of clicks, then they are likely to simply leave the website. The more clicks it takes a user to find their intended page, the higher the likelihood of them leaving the site entirely.

Page responsiveness


Page responsiveness is also a critical factor. A dozen large, high-quality images may look great on paper, but if the images are too large, they will slow down the time it takes to load the web-page. Again, the longer it takes a page to load, the more likely a user is to leave the website. The problem here is that once they leave your website, they are highly unlikely to ever give it a second chance.


A mobile-friendly website

Another important factor is whether your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile and tablets have become hugely important devices when it comes to website design. More and more online searches are being conducted via mobile phones or tablet devices. This is especially true for searches such as ‘emergency dentist’ since these searches are far more likely to be made while the user is not sat comfortably at their home computer. They may be travelling, at a friend’s house or at work. If your website is not optimised for mobile phones or tablets, the user is far more likely to leave the website than struggle with making sense of poor formatting.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are several factors that affect SEO, including:

  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Local SEO
  • On-page SEO

Further information on how we can help optimise your website for search engines can be found here.

What can Samera do for you?

There is so much you need to know to create and maintain a truly effective website in terms of SEO and UX. It is more than likely you do not have the expertise to accomplish all the tasks necessary. We do.

Our website design team can produce high-quality, professional websites that rank highly in search engine results, drive up traffic to your website and, more importantly, convert that traffic into real leads.

We use your practice’s design guidelines to design your website. In terms of the look and feel, the images and colours used, the values and mission emphasised, you have full control. We use your branding and your aesthetic design specifications to ensure your new website is exactly how you want it to be. If you do not have your own brand, we can help! Our branding team can discuss your values, your goals and your practice’s mission to ensure your website and your brand reflects who you are, not what we think looks good. Your new website will also be mobile-friendly. No matter what device your audience uses to view your site, they’ll love the look.

The first steps we take in this process is to do a full audit of your website’s structure, keywords and local SEO presence. Our full keyword analysis allows us to identify the keywords for which you currently rank well, those in which you rank poorly and those your competitors rank highly for. This means we can identify the keywords for which you need to create content; whether this be with separate web pages, articles or blogs. By analysing your website’s structure, we can determine how effective it is currently in terms of the user experience. Coupled together, we can then map out both the content we need to create, and the structure this needs to take to be easily accessible to the user.

 By ensuring your Local SEO, website structure and keyword use are optimised, we can create your website in such a way that you will see a noticeable uptick in your online rankings, the traffic on your website and the lead conversion. We can create citations in local business directories, ensure your NAP is consistent throughout the internet and make sure your website has as many backlinks from external domains as possible.

We maintain and report back on your website using software such as Google Analytics to get an insight into how your website is performing, which web-pages attract the most traffic, which put audiences off and need to be changed, which are taking too long to load; if there’s a problem to be found, we will find it and we will fix it.