How Samera can help you?

Why Samera

The story of Samera Ltd is truly one of inspiration. Our first-hand knowledge of the industry combined with focus on inspiring, motivating and facilitating others to do the same, take charge of their lives and live life “large” is what makes Samera Ltd. stand far above the rest in the industry.

Samera are a family-business that has made its mark in the Healthcare Industry in the UK.

Founded by Arun Mehra, Managing Director in 2002 with the desire to provide solid, sustainable solutions to people in the Healthcare industry. Offering expert advice on developing their businesses and profit, creating an asset, delivering security and complete peace of mind to our clients by focusing on their individual needs and tailoring a bespoke service around those needs.

Samera is no ordinary accountancy firm, but a firm dedicated to the Healthcare Industry, securing financial freedom for your future. We can help you on every step of your journey, from graduation to retirement.

Samera realises that people in the Healthcare Profession are largely in need of assistance not solely with their taxes but also with understanding Setting Up in Practice, their finances, marketing, creating an asset, setting up an exit strategy and much more. We realized that the vast majority of accountancy firms providing solutions to people in the industry were not providing what their clients wanted – expert advice on developing their businesses and profit.

As an independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors, Samera enjoys inspired ability and freedom to design and produce a service entirely personalised to each client’s individual needs. With expert solutions, from accountancy to tax planning, corporate finance and financial growth advice, we aim for perfection by creating timeless unrivalled value and reliability, with the individuality and exclusiveness of a personal advisor, creating a unique legacy to secure your future.

About Us

The Samera Story

Samera Ltd is an innovative firm challenging the old guard of traditional accountancy practices whilst embracing the changing demands of the UK market. Originally founded on the Healthcare market, focusing on helping dentists and doctors with their business needs, Arun soon found his clients were pleading for personal and family tax planning as well. Samera has successfully advised clients across the UK for over 10 years on both personal and business matters, and established a well-respected reputation for excellence.

No Ordinary Accountancy Firm

Samera is no ordinary accountancy firm, but a firm providing the full array of business solutions, from accountancy and tax to private and business planning, services and advice.

Samera recognised early on that with ever changing UK tax laws, benefit cuts, tax rises and the possibility of new taxes, there is ever more need to manage the day to day financial affairs of a practice and individual taxes as well and to help clients build an asset, preserve and develop their wealth now and for their future.

Clients who have financial interests here or across the world can find that they struggle to keep up with the ever constant tax law changes, or their existing accountant may not know the latest and best planning strategy for their individual needs. Samera provides an effective and efficient means of managing wealth.

Dedicated to our clients since the beginning

At Samera we endeavour to provide a service that excites, interests and most of all benefits our clients, helping them progress now and in the future.

Our focus is your future and the future of your business. We have learned from years of managing our clients’ businesses accounts that the key to providing true effective tax planning in business and personally is to understand our client as individuals and put their needs first.

Innovative initiative with clarity and vision, enables us to understanding and utilizing real time, updated information and assess what is best for each individual client rather than act as an accounting machine.

We develop structured plans according to each client’s own requirements while providing quality criteria and producing only solutions that reflect, in every respect, our quest for the exceptional. Independence is at the heart of the Samera essence and is the guarantee of continuity, strength and trustworthiness.

Living by our values


Your success is paramount to us. We prepare the path to help you achieve your goals and aspirations, leading you to prosperity and financial freedom.

Our success is not due solely to the perfection of our team or the resources of knowledge and skill encompassed within our office. This undisputed supremacy also stems from our values and continued commitment and consistency with which the company has applied its philosophy of excellence ever since it was founded by Arun Mehra over eleven years ago. That spirit is embodied in the values that have constantly represented the very essence of Samera and will continue to do so.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


Arun Mehra FCA

MD, Samera Ltd

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Samera dental and medical accountants
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