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How to Start, Scale and Sell your Dental Practice

London | 12th - 14th June 2020

In this unique 3 day seminar, learn how to start, scale or sell your practice in an increasingly competitive market. 

Whether you are an associate thinking about your first practice, a practice owner looking to grow an existing practice or buy another practice, or if you are thinking about selling in the next few years, this event was made for you.

Simply pick the days you wish to attend and book your ticket! 

Testimonials from 2019 Start, Scale, Sell Event

"An excellent and unique course..
Over two days, the experienced, knowledgeable and approachable Samera team presented a comprehensive overview of group dentistry - from marketing and growth at practice level, to structure and exit at group level. The all-encompassing team were able to advise candidly on all aspects of this journey.

Would highly recommend!"

Dr Amarjit Jagdev

"Great course , providing comprehensive information to either new practice owners or existing owners wanting to expand . The course was presented in a clear manner with good handouts , and the small group meant that there was audience interaction to answer any questions.

Would definitely recommend"

Dr Raj Gogna

"Excellent course over the weekend. The team gave us plenty of great advice.
Really appreciate all your help. Thanks again"

Dr Chameera Fernando

"Very informative team. Professional and interactive session"

Nick Hawkins

Step 1 - Choose Your Days

Day 1

Start Your Business

Topics covered:

  • From Associate to Practice Owner
  • Vision Building
  • Finance, Business Plans and Forecasts
  • Location and Demographics
  • Building a Dream Team
  • Marketing a Practice

Day 2

Scale Your Business

Topics covered:

  • Digital Marketing for Growth
  • Understanding EBITDA
  • Securing Finance for Scale
  • Improving Clinical Performance
  • Retaining Key Team Members
  • Digital Dentistry

Day 3

Sell Your Business

Topics covered:

  • Valuations
  • Selling to Financial or Strategic Buyers
  • What are Buyers Looking for?
  • Preparing to go to Market
  • Exit Strategies

Which Days are Best for Me?

Are you...

A Dental Associate?

Day 1 -  In Day 1, we take a look at everything you need to know before taking the first step towards opening your dream practice. From finding the right location to securing finance for the purchase, Day 1 is tailor-made for anyone thinking about starting or buying their first practice. 

Day 2 - Intended for anyone looking to grow their dental practice. Whether you have an existing practice, or are starting or buying a first practice, this day covers everything you need to know to successfully and effectively expand your business. From securing finance to using digital marketing properly, Day 2 is built for anyone wanting to grow their practice. 

A Dental Practice Owner?

Day 2 - Intended for dental practice owners who want to grow their existing dental practice, or dental group. On Day 2 we look at how to grow your profits and patient list through securing finance for scale, building your brand with digital marketing and improving clinical performance. Whether you are scaling the practice to increase profit or are looking to build value before the sale, Day 2 is built for you. 

Day 3 - Intended for practice owners who are thinking about the exit strategy and selling the business. Whether you wish to sell in the immediate future or want to build value first so as to get the right price when the time comes, Day 3 covers what you need to know. From valuations to exit strategies, Day 3 is for anyone with the exit in mind.

Interested in all 3 days?

If you are interested in the full life of a dental practice, then come to all 3 days! From starting the practice to selling it on and exiting, this event covers every stage in the journey of owning a dental practice. If you are just starting but have one eye on the future, every day has something for you.  


Day 1

Start Your Business

9.00 am

Taking the step from Associate to Practice Owner

9.45 am  

How to create your dream practice and Vision Building 

11.00 am 

Finance, Business Plans + Forecasts 


Location Choice + Demographics

12.30 pm


1.30 pm

Building your dream team 

2.15 pm

Marketing your New Practice for Success

3.45 pm 

Mistakes to avoid when starting out and your next steps

Day 2

Scale Your Business

9:00 am

Who are the Samera Team?

9:15 am

Overview & Value Creation

9:30 am

What’s your why for building a group?

11:30 am

Growth - Acquisition vs Start-Up

11:30 am


1:30 pm

Increasing Clinical Performance

2:30 pm

Building the Team

3:30 pm

Effective Marketing

5:00 pm

Samera Overview

Day 3

Sell Your Business

9:00 am

Financing for Growth

9:15 am

Maximising the Value of Your Business

11:30 am

Panel Discussion

11:30 am


1:30 pm

Preparing for Sale

2:30 pm

Exit Strategies and Deal Structure

3:30 pm

Case Study

The Samera Team

How to Start, Scale and Sell 1

Arun Mehra, CEO

With almost twenty years of commercial experience and knowledge in Dentistry, Arun’s expertise is valued by hundreds of Dentists across the world. 

His energy and passion for helping clients is infectious and leading his team to do their best is at the top of his list of business priorities. Arun has a vast network of experienced contacts he can draw on to help clients when needed.

Dr Smita Mehra BDS MFGDPRCS, Clinical Director

Smita is an expert in helping Dentists achieve their goals. From start up's to selling and everything in between, Smita has considerable experience and passion to share with her fellow Dentists.

If you are serious about achieving success in Dentistry, Smita will be the rocket fuel you need to help you achieve your goals.

How to Start, Scale and Sell 3

Nigel Crossman, Head of Commercial Finance

Nigel Crossman joined the Samera Group in May 2016 from the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he was the Head of Healthcare for the London and South East region.

This vast amount of experience has placed him in an ideal position to not only obtain excellent financial deals for clients using his knowledge but also enables him to provide help and ideas when looking at prospective purchases. 

Farisa Siddique, Consulting Director

Farisa began her career within the dental industry over 16 years after she literally fell into dentistry as an emergency patient and has never looked back.

Over the years she has gained vast experience within both corporate and independent dentistry allowing her to help clients with a whole manner of issues in order to grow their businesses.


Step 2 - Book Your Ticket

Ticket Options

London | 12th - 14th June 2020

Want to bring someone? 

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1 Day Tickets

Day 1 - Start

Day 2 - Scale

Day 3 - Sell

2 Day Tickets

Days 1 and 2 - Start and Scale

Days 2 and 3 - Scale and Sell

3 Day Tickets

Days 1, 2 & 3 - Start, Scale and Sell