How to Start, Scale and Sell your Dental Group

2 Day Video Series

In this unique 2 day video series, learn how to start, scale and sell a dental group in the ever changing Global Dental market.

Whether you are in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia or Australia, Dental groups are emerging everywhere. 

This video series is for:

  • Associates wanting their first practice
  • Existing owners seeking to grow organically
  • Existing owners seeking to grow via acquisition
  • Existing groups seeking to improve performance and exit on a strong valuation multiple
  • In fact anyone seeking to know more about the fast changing Global Dental Market and how you can benefit from it.

Course Content

How to Start, Scale and Sell your Dental Group is a 2-day crash course in everything you need to know to grow and build a sustainable and successful Dental Group.

Part 1 – Welcome and Introduction (13:56)
Part 2 – Quick Overview of the Dental Market (26:31)
Part 3 – Creating the Vision (34:31)
Part 4 – Lending and Growth (48:34)
Part 5 – Startups vs Acquisition (51:58)
Part 6 – How to use Google Ads (1:10:06)
Part 7 – Attracting the Perfect Team (1:00:12)
Part 8 – How to Use Debt to Scale Your Empire (45:29)
Part 9 – Tax and Legal Structures (37:03)
Part 10 – Automating Finance and Accounting (29:42)
Part 11 – Grow Your Practice Using Facebook and Instagram Ads (45:37)


“An excellent and unique course..

Over two days, the experienced, knowledgeable and approachable Samera team presented a comprehensive overview of group dentistry – from marketing and growth at practice level, to structure and exit at group level. The all-encompassing team were able to advise candidly on all aspects of this journey.

Would highly recommend!”

Dr Amarjit Jagdev

“Great course , providing comprehensive information to either new practice owners or existing owners wanting to expand . The course was presented in a clear manner with good handouts , and the small group meant that there was audience interaction to answer any questions.

Would definitely recommend”

Dr Raj Gogna

“Excellent course over the weekend. The team gave us plenty of great advice.

Really appreciate all your help. Thanks again”

Dr Chameera Fernando

“Very informative team. Professional and interactive session”

Nick Hawkins


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