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It’s not just patient treatment and care that play a major role in the success of a dental practice, which is why retaining knowledgeable and high performing dental professionals and reception staff is not the only consideration for a surgery owner, when it comes to getting the job done.

There are roles which need to be fulfilled which are essential to the success and growth of any dental surgery. These roles involve dental accountancy and tax. Over the years, our team have helped numerous dental professionals with their accountancy and tax requirements, both individual and for practices and groups.

The importance of professional dental accountancy and book-keeping

Professionally managed accounts are an asset to any dental practice owner who is looking to scale their practice. Having this service in place means that the performance of the practice is transparent. This makes it a lot easier to make any necessary adjustments to performance, to make certain of as smooth a growth and expansion process as possible.

I have worked with both private and NHS clients to ensure all accountancy aspects of their business were run smoothly. The result was that they were able to concentrate on providing excellent care and treatment, while I made sure that secure financial foundations and processes where in place, in order to aid growth.

Professional help with book-keeping and payroll is just as important. Working with software such as Xero and Quickbooks is a skill and it often makes more sense to outsource this work. Leaving accounting and book-keeping to professionals means that the surgery team can concentrate on the day to day running of the business, safe in the knowledge that the business accounts are being monitored and maintained and that any issues can immediately be identified.

The importance of professional tax advice

Saving tax while complying with regulations is something that every dental professional and practice can benefit from. A professional dental accountant can help with tax savings which release more cash to invest in the expansion of the practice.

Having a tax expert on side means that the surgery can grow at the same time as being fully tax compliant. It’s a win win situation.

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