How to Grow Your Dental Practice with SEO

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Theoretically, you can have the best dental practice in the world, in terms of patient care, and it will still fail to thrive if people do not know that it exists. Gone are the days when word of mouth was the way most people found a dentist. Today, people go straight to Google and search for a dentist in their area. This is why it’s so important to use SEO for dentists, to attract patients to your practice.

SEO helps you to optimise your search engine rankings. So that your practice features at the top of the results list when people carry out a search. For this to happen, it’s important that SEO is done well. There are several things to think about to successfully grow your dental practice with SEO.

Make sure that content is easy to read

This is hugely important when it comes to optimising SEO for dentists. Any content should be written in a way that can be understood by an average thirteen-year-old. You know the ins and outs of all the procedures you offer, so it’s easy to get carried away using jargon. If you do this, people are going to lose interest and look elsewhere, losing you valuable custom.

Think carefully about keywords

There was a time when cramming content full of keywords was sufficient. Those days are long gone, with the quality of content being king. However, keywords still play an important role in SEO for dentists. They help with the Google indexing of your pages and are a vital part of determining whether your practice features highly in search results or not. This means that you have to be careful when selecting and using keywords. There are several factors to think about.

Make use of long-tail keywords.

These keywords are more specific to you. They are more niche and less general, meaning that there should be less competition when it comes to ranking for them.

Use keywords in headings and sub headings

You should normally aim to use your main keyword in the page heading and at least once in a sub heading, in order to optimise its effectiveness. You should also make sure that the keyword appears in the URL of the page.

Use location keywords

If you want to feature highly in a search for dentists in your area, make sure that you include your location as part of your keyword strategy; for instance, “children’s dentist Clapham”.

Make sure that content is fresh

It’s possible that your page ranking will improve if you simply post to your blog regularly. Regular posting means that Google re-indexes your site more often. This could lead to an improvement in your ranking. However, never post content just for the sake of it. Anything that you publish should be relevant and informative.

Ensure that your site is easy to navigate

No-one is going to engage with your website if they cannot easily find what they are looking for. This is why simple website navigation if so important. Make use of menus and a search facility, so that people can click to where the need to be in just a few seconds. If you do not concentrate on website navigation, your website is not likely to be highly effective, even if you have good content.

Think carefully about links

Backlinks to your site from other reputable sites are important, but it’s just as important to make sure your create strong links on your site. Remember to include internal links to other parts of your site. This helps to build the structure of your site and makes it easier for Google to index pages. You should also link out to other sites. When you are doing this, remember to link to reputable sites that have something useful to say. News agencies and dental journals are a good choice, when it comes to choosing links, as part of SEO for dentists.

The final thing to say about links is that there should never be broken ones on your website. Check links regularly, and make sure that any broken ones are replaced or removed straight away. If you do not pay attention to this, it can be frustrating for visitors if they click a link that does not work, and you will not improve the way you are seen by Google.

The aim of any dental practice owner is for the practice to grow and flourish. Using SEO in the right way can help make this happen for your business.

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