Why First Impressions of Your Practice Matter

Why would you want to purchase new equipment or undertake refurbishment work at your dental practice at this moment in time?

The look and feel of your practice can have a big impact on your patients’ view of the service that they may receive, as soon as a client enters your premises, they are forming an opinion of your practice.

Enhance the Patient Experience

A modern practice with the latest equipment such as 3D Scanners and 3D Printers will enhance the patient experience and speed up the treatment times. Being able to show your clients x-rays while still in the chair and talk through the process will allow you to start introducing new, higher-end services into the practice.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Staying ahead of local competition can make you stand out and give you a unique selling point. What better way to market your practice than by showing your newly refurbished surgery or the latest piece of technology that you have purchased that will improve upon the already high level of service that you offer?

Make Use of Space

You may have reached the maximum capacity within your surgeries and need to convert unused space into a treatment area or, due to the new restrictions, you need another room to maintain your existing activity levels.

The number of patients that you can see on a daily basis has an impact on your practice turnover and growth. If you can increase your patient appointments and the types of services that you offer it can have a real impact on the business profit margins.

Invest in your business

Investing in your business with items such as equipment can have a positive effect on patient perception, the services that you offer and ultimately the profits.

So how can you finance the equipment?

Asset finance is normally the preferred option. By using Asset Finance you can usually structure a facility over 3-5 years. This will assist you in managing business cash-flow and providing you with a regular monthly payment plan, instead of paying a large lump sum up front and perhaps putting pressure on your bank account.

Samera Finance are experienced healthcare brokers with a banking background. We have access to many asset finance providers. It’s always best to explore the market and see what is available rather than just approaching a single lender.

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