NHS Tenders

Over the recent years we have seen the demand for NHS Dental contracts grow. This has meant increasing competition for UDA’s and the need for a business team to submit a winning tender.
Our team possess extensive experience in the whole NHS tendering process for dentists. In outline, we can help in the following areas:
Stage 1
Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)
At this initial stage, the PQQ requires a series of questions from an organisation’s general
information to financial information to management facilities for potential bidders to answer.
We can help you in this by providing required information in this by providing required information in the prescribed format.
Stage 2
Invitation to Tender (ITT).  If you are invited to tender, then you are required to submit your ITT document in full by a defined date. This is typically a time consuming exercise which requires inputs from many sources. Our experience has shown that many dentists will not have the experience or knowledge of how to submit a formal tender.
As specialists in the Dental Sector we have considerable knowledge about submitting ITT documents.
Stage 3
Contract Award (CA).  At this stage, the selected applicant has to go through a long panel interview process against
the counterpart (generally/normally 5). Also, such interviews can be more than 1 until the supplier is the convinced. We can help in preparation for such interviews to avoid the disappointments at this final stage.
Stage 4
Setting Up In Practice (SUIP).  After the contract award stage, the successful contract winner may need to set up the
practice to commence the business/services. We can help here by providing our valuable setting up a practice, full practice management and managament accounting (Ultimate Financial ControlUFC) services at an additional cost.
Stage 5
Commencement /on-going services.  At this live business stage, we can monitor and assist in the business and financial
performance of the practice on a regularly (monthly) basis should you choose to use our Samera Finance Director services. In addition, we can help in the NHS contract renewal process.

Please do call us or get in touch via our online form if you need assistance.

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