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Strategic Partnering Programme – Practice Sales

Is your client selling their Dental Practice? Make it work for you!

Discover a new way of generating income for your firm. As an accountant, your clients will, without a doubt, have implicit trust in you, after having built up a solid relationship over many years dealing with both their business and personal financial affairs.

All owners of the business will need to exit their business at some point. But when they decide to sell, will they come to you? Do you have the capability in-house to find them the right buyer and to negotiate the best deal?

If not, your clients may instruct a corporate finance firm or another business broker – you may only find out about the sale when a deal has been agreed. If you are not involved in the sale process, there is the risk of losing that client and income when the sale completes.

However, it does not have to end this way. Our Strategic Partnering Programme for Accountants offers you a real opportunity to build another revenue stream for your firm when your clients think about their exit strategy.

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