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Helping you to retain clients, raise competitive finance for your clients and obtain a new source of income for you!

When one of your clients decides to purchase a new business or refinance an existing business or purchase assets within their business they will look to you to advise them on their ability to service a commitment and guidance on how to raise the finance.

They should be looking for a market view of the finance available and are looking to you to assist them with who they should approach.

Many of the major lenders and the challenger banks have sectorised their lending books utilising specialist teams and different teams for different levels of debt. Your clients need help in making sure that their proposition is not only structured in the correct way but it is placed before the right people and presented in the format that they expect.

Significant Experience in Seeking Finance on excellent terms

Here at Samera Finance we have nearly 40 years of banking experience in just the Head of the Commercial Finance Section. With experience ranging from Branch Management to Insolvency and Debt Recovery to Heading up the Specialist relationship team in London (Customers suffering in the credit crunch) to Heading up specialist lending teams such as Healthcare.

Authorised by the FCA and a member of the NACFB

With contacts in the major lenders and challengers who worked with or for the Head of Commercial Finance in the past we have great access and knowledge of what these lenders require. Fully authorised by the FCA and a member of the NACFB we can source the right finance for your clients which will strengthen your relationship with them.

A New Income Source for you

As you would be recommending your own clients we can share with you part of the fee from the client and we would issue you an agreement in writing which would clearly detail our responsibilities and agree to decline any approach for services provided by our sister businesses without your prior agreement.

We are looking to partner with you to improve our deal flow and provide you with a new source of income and an ability to assist your client base in achieving a deal that is good for them and for you.

For further details contact Nigel Crossman Head of Commercial Finance on 07715668267 or email on .