Profitability Dental Surgery

One of the most popular questions we get from Practice owners is, “Can you work out the Profitability of each of my Dental surgeries?”

The simple answer is, yes. Our team have vast experience in analysing the figures, but also extensive experience in understanding where savings can be made to improve the profitability of a Dental surgery.

We have detailed below, how we can improve the profitability of a dental surgery, so you can see which Associate Dentists or Hygienists are a positive contribution to your business, and those that are not.

Profitability of a Dental Surgery – Our Service

  • To understand your practices performance by analysing the figures at performer and surgery level by providing you a detailed P+L and explanations on how your business is currently working.
  • To make recommendations on how to improve the business’ profitability.
  • To review the practice financials within an agreed timeframe to revaluate actions taken.

Understanding the profitability of a Dental Surgery – Benefits

  • Which associates, specialists and hygienists are profit or loss making to your business.
  • What % of total income is generated by each provider and in each surgery
  • Utilisation of each surgery
  • Understand lab v income ratio per provider
  • Overview of running costs per surgery
  • Understand hygienist profitability and how it can be improved.
  • Benchmark against industry figures

Our Information Requirements to calculate the profitability of a Dental surgery

  • Opening times of practice
  • Number of surgeries, surgery utilisation and staffing patterns
  • Contracted hours for providers and remuneration
  • Contracted hours and salaries for staff
  • Income revenue streams – Dental Plans, NHS
  • 12 months of associate pay schedules
  • Annual management accounts/P&L

How we work out the Profitability of a Dental Surgery

Stage 1

We perform an initial review and analysis of financial information of each surgery. We will then present our findings in a summary report detailing the current profits and losses per surgery along with key recommendations.

Stage 2

We will then perform a 6-month review and a 12-month review of the practices, detailing changes, improvements made, and any additional recommendations.


Fees are dependent on the size of the practice being analysed please contact us for further details.

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