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Busy Summer for NHS England (London) with New Endodontics Tender

Level 2 Endodontic Services – London

NHS Endodontic provision in London – ITT out now – deadline 10th July


  • Level 2 providers
  • SQ and ITT inclusive tendering process
  • £28.8 million available over 4 years
  • 4 + 1 Year PDS contract
  • 14 Lots available
  • Vary from £210,960 in Barking, Dagenham and Havering to £902,520 in City & Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham
  • Funding will be cost per case basis
  • Tariff per course of completed treatment is £360
  • Bidders not be limited in the number of Lots they are permitted to bid for and awarded.

Key Dates:

11th June 2018 – Advert published on ProContract and ITT issued

29th June 2018 – Deadline for ITT clarification questions

9th July 2018  – Expression of interest closes (EOI)

10th July 2018 – ITT Deadline

29th Nov 2018 – 10 December 2018 – Inform bidders of outcome and period of standstill

11th Dec 2018 – Contract award (subject to site visits and accreditation)

12th December 2018 – Mobilisation

1st April 2019 – Service commencement

What Next:

  • Don’t procrastinate, take action now, register onto the portal and put key dates in your diary
  • Do your maths, look at financial viability and choose to tender or not
  • Understand and get used to the portal as soon as possible
  • Contact your competitors and create possible solutions for a new consortium to service the contract especially if Lot covers many areas.
  • Expand your current business premises or find a new site
  • Change your business model to incorporate Endodontics
  • Ask for support – Speak to a member of the Samera team on how we can help you with advice in the tendering process, finding new premises, financial funding and helping with business plans!