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What is the Samera Learning Center?

The Learning Center is your go-to place for all things dental. Whether you are just thinking about starting life as dental practice owner, looking to grow your existing practice, or even thinking about the sale and leaving the industry, the Learning Center is your new knowledge bank. 

We have collated over 15 years of experience in the business into one central hub. 


This section is dedicated to dentists who are starting life as a dental practice owner by either buying or setting up their first practice. 

From raising finance for the purchase to accountancy and tax, this section contains what you need to know to succeed right from the start!

Buying a Dental Practice

Whether you are buying your first practice, or even your second or third, there are countless things to get right and pitfalls to avoid. From valuations and due diligence to getting the right price, here is what you need to know.

Starting a Dental Practice

If you are starting a brand-new dental practice, there are endless things to consider. From getting the right location and team, to registering with the correct authorities, there's so much to get right if you wish to succeed.

From acquisitions to assets, there's always a reason to raise finance. Making sure you get the right rate from the right lender is essential. In this section, we look at the best ways to finance your practice. 


In this section, we look at how to grow an existing dental practice or dental group. 

From using marketing to grow your patient list, to streamlining your business to increase profits, scale your business effectively without breaking the bank.

If you are looking to grow your dental practice, there are several things you need to master. From acquiring finance and property at the right price to building a team and marketing your business, it is essential to plan for growth.

You can build the greatest dental practice of all time, but you won't get any patients until you can market it effectively. In this section, we look at the different platforms and tactics you need to use to get your name out there.

Dental Accounting

It is vital to keep the correct tax and accounts records for your dental practice. In this section, we cover what you need to know, such as EBITDA and accounting software, to ensure your records are accurate.


This section is dedicated to dentists who are looking to sell their dental practice or group.

From how to grow your profits to get the best price on the sale, to issues involved in the process, it is vital to maximise value to ensure you get out what you've put in.

Selling a Dental Practice

The decision to sell a dental practice is not one to be taken lightly. You need to make sure you get the right price for your business and there are many factors to consider. From EBITDA and due diligence to associated costs, here's what you need to know.

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