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Expanding Finance Team – Healthcare and Property

We are delighted to inform we have two new team members joining Nigel in our Finance team. Both have considerable experience in helping clients raise finance for their business needs. Learn more about how Samera can help dentists, doctors, pharmacists, vets and all other healthcare professionals in raising finance for [...]


Brexit for Dentists

The Initial Reactions Planing for the Changes Your Brexit Strategy The Initial Reactions Despite the mixed feelings about Brexit for dentists, we are on our way to exiting the EU. The initial reactions were pretty considerable, and the drop in the pound value has not shown any sign of a [...]


What if your future was the past?

Are Dental Practice Values falling? Back in 2007 I was heading the Merger and Acquisitions campaign for a growing dental body corporate. Our acquisitions pipeline had an average deal completion price of 104% of turnover. We grew the business from 80 to 132 practices in 3 ½ years, until merging [...]


ASA Ruling on IGDP Ltd

Background Summary of Council Decision: Three issues were investigated, all of which were Upheld. Ad description The website for IGDP dental practise, seen on 23 April 2016, included a web page entitled Fastbraces. Text on that page stated “New Technology Fastbraces … Could be 20 weeks… Immediate root movement... [...]


E-Cigarette warning

A 72-year-old Caucasian male was referred by his GP as a two week wait referral to the oral and maxillofacial clinic. He had previously been smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 30 years before starting to use electronic cigarettes to aid his smoking cessation. He gave a history of a [...]


Another Mydentist practice closes

After Mydentist had to close one of its practices in Wales, Michael Watson looks at why this seems to be becoming a trend. News came through last week that the Mydentist practice in Dolgellau will close at the end of this month. This follows an earlier announcement that a practice [...]


Is screening dental patients for diabetes worthwhile?

There was an article recently, entitled ‘Periodontitis as a possible early sign of diabetes mellitus‘, found that there is a strong correlation between patients with severe gum disease and those with type 2 diabetes, although causation has yet to be proven. ‘While there may be a role for dentists in [...]


NHS new Contracts , the impact on valuations

It is becoming more of a prospect that change is going to come in dentistry, possibly in 2-3 years and in a way of NHS dental contract reform. Principals who own NHS dental practices are currently facing uncertainty as to what the future Contracts will look like in terms of [...]