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Samera is proud to offer accountancy and tax services for 6 healthcare sectors.


Success Stories

“I admire what you are trying to achieve in dentistry. I hope your company empowers dentists to take charge of their practice and future. I really believe it comes down to the individual dentist. We shouldn’t pretend the NHS or any big brother organisation has our core interest at heart. Those who realise this will end up working in their own private practice or partnership and enjoy a better deal from dentistry.”

Dr Davinder Jamus, Kensington Dental, London

“I can highly recommend Samera to dentists who want more than just accounting done. If you want specialist advice and tools to improve your dental business then the team from Samera is always quick and helpful. Samera is walking the talk because they have used their own techniques to start 2 successful dental practices from scratch.”

Dr Jan Einfeldt, Staplehurst Dental Practice, Kent

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