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Dental Accountants UK

Samera is a leading firm of Dental Accountants across the UK, with extensive knowledge and experience of dental accounting and tax issues. The firm has dental clients across the UK, from new Associate Dentists, to experienced practice owners, to large Dental groups across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Since 2002, Samera has been working as chartered dental accountants across the UK.

Samera is a leading firm of Dental Accountants across the UK, with extensive knowledge and experience of dental accounting and tax issues. The firm has dental clients across the UK, from new Associate Dentists, to experienced practice owners, to large Dental groups across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

We are members of and regulated by the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and our team of friendly dental accountants are well versed in helping dentists with their accountancy and tax affairs.

Currently, most dentists and practice owners use their local accountant who are probably dealing with a mixed bag of clients. Whilst some of these accountants maybe excellent accountants, most of them have little knowledge about the sector and its particular issues which puts their clients at a significant disadvantage.

In addition, many accountants claim to be dental accountants, but in reality, they only have a handful of clients. There are approximately 11,000 dental practices in the UK, and around 40,000 dentists on the GDC register. We take pride in that we deal with hundreds of dentists across the UK and work with some of the most successful dental groups across the UK, looking after their accountancy and tax requirements.

At Samera, we feel differ considerably to other accountants as we eat, live and breathe dentistry.

We love working with Dentists

Our considerable experience of working with dentists began back in 2003, when our founder, Arun Mehra, quit his high-powered City job and decided to build a firm that did things differently. Starting from his dad’s dining table he built the business one client at a time. Over a 15 year period, he slowly built a client base of dentists, helping them with their tax and accountancy needs.

In his first year of trade, Samera only had a handful of clients, now we are one of the largest specialist dental accountancy firms across the UK. Whether it is pulling together a spreadsheet to help our clients understand the profitability of their Associate Dentists, or negotiating with HMRC a tax issue, the Samera team have seen most things and can help Dentists through the minefield of tax, accounting and business. In addition, we provide commercial finance raising services, as well as help dentists, sell or buy a dental practice through our Dental Practice Sales part of the group.

Whether our clients are NHS or Private, Principal or Associate our team of dental accountants and tax advisors work with our dental clients closely to ensure they get the help they require, with a friendly helpful team.

Samera Success Stories

We are very proud of the work we do to help clients, so please read some of our success stories here.

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Why Choose Samera as your Specialist Dental Accountants

For the last 15 years, our firm has focused exclusively and extensively on dentists. Our team have an insight of the dental sector that most accountants don’t have, which really stands us heads and shoulders above any other players in the market. We feel you should choose Samera because:

  1. We understand the many issues facing NHS and private dentists across the UK. In particular, the potential changes of the NHS contract, coupled with increasing competition in the sector, we feel we have positioned our selves to be our clients trusted strategic advisor, not just their accountant.
  2. There is not much we have not seen amongst our Dental client base. Whilst some clients run successful businesses, others do get into trouble, so by having an advisory firm that has seen it all before, and has the network of contacts in the sector to help, makes us a great choice for anyone considering switching over to Samera Accountancy team.
  3. We pride ourselves on being friendly, professional and approachable. In fact, this is a pre-requisite before any team members are hired.
  4. We feel we offer an excellent service to our client base – please have a read of some of the Google testimonials from recent clients here.

The Samera dental accountants’ team who prepare the accounts for our dental clients deal with only dentists.

This means our team of Samera dental accountants have come across most questions dentists ask about their accountancy and tax affairs. Common questions from our Dental clients include:

  • How can I save more tax?
  • Should you stay as a sole trader or become a limited company?
  • How can Xero help me with my practice financial management?

We are very proud of our dental accountants. They certainly know the difference between a UDA and a UOA and the many nuances of running a successful dental practice. We strongly believe in training our team so they understand our clients well, and we regularly update our team members on the many issues running a dental practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

In fact, our dental accountants have created a list of frequently asked questions with answers all with some videos – You can watch these here.

Dental Accountants for your whole career

The Samera dental accountants’ and tax team act for a complete range of dentists and clients within the dental profession including:

So whether you are a Principal Dentist in the Highlands of Scotland or an Associate Dentist on the South Coast, our team of accountants can help you with achieving your goals and aspirations.

At the heart of our business is our accountancy and tax advisory service. We are Specialist Dental Accountants and Tax Advisors to hundreds of Dentists, but also provide a really full service of accountancy and tax advice to Doctors, GP’S, Pharmacists, Vets to name just a few other Healthcare sectors.

So whether you are seeking new Specialist Dental Accountants to help you with your tax affairs, or want the latest Xero package implemented into your practice (We love Xero and our team is Xero certified advisors) our team of Specialist Dental Accountants and Healthcare accountants are perfectly placed to support you in your needs.

How can you save more Tax? Dental Tax Advice from Samera

If you are seeking the best in Dental tax advice, our team can understand your individual requirements. Whether it is income tax, corporation tax, or other taxes that are affecting you, our team of tax experts can support you too.

We know all our clients work hard, therefore we understand you only want to pay the right amount of tax due.

In recent times, many dentists have been approached to enter various tax planning opportunities, some of them questionable. As a firm, we can certainly advise you and assist you in understanding your taxes and if such opportunities are worth considering. However, many a time, we feel some promoters are promoting opportunities that will cause problems for our clients in the future.

We will always tell you if we don’t agree with the tax planning proposed – honesty and experience is something we have in abundance at Samera. You may sometimes not like what you hear, but we feel honesty is usually the best thing for our clients, even if they initially may not want to hear it.

What we can do for Dental Accountancy and Tax Clients

Located in London? For more London-specific information, visit our London Dental Accountancy Page

Separate to the all-important compliance-related work, we are regularly requested by clients to prepare business plans and financial forecasts for their dental businesses to support future growth and expansion ideas. Our business plans and financial forecasts are strongly liked by all the major finance providers to Dentists in the UK (which really helps in getting the best finance deal available). By being experts in dental accountancy, we can then help you raise finance for your dental acquisition or expansion through our raising finance service.

Assisting with NHS tenders

With our in-depth knowledge of the sector, we are routinely requested and involved in helping clients prepare bid packs for NHS Dental and Orthodontic Tenders they are involved in. We have considerable experience in supporting clients through the process of winning NHS Dental tenders across the UK and across all General and Specialist disciplines. Recent tenders we have been involved in include:

  • GDS Services
  • Emergency Dental Services
  • Orthodontic Services
  • Minor Oral Surgery Services

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