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The Health White Paper, ‘Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’ was published in July 2010 and set out a radical restructuring of the NHS that will change the way healthcare is commissioned in the future.

It proposed:

  • Commissioning of health services transferring to GPs along with approximately £80bn budget
  • The abolition of primary care trusts (the organisations that currently commission health services) and strategic health authorities
  • Greater patient choice over providers and treatment
  • Establishing an independent NHS Commissioning Board
  • Ensuring all health trusts are foundation trusts by 2013 and giving them greater freedoms

Ever since the white paper was published in 2010 announcing the reforms to the NHS, there has been much debate in parliament and amongst GP’s about the changes.

Most of the changes don’t appear to be welcomed by GP’s however, the Health and Social Care bill passed in 2012 and therefore, one must expect some significant changes in how GP led healthcare will be delivered in the future to the UK public.

In this age of commissioning, everyone wants a piece of this opportunity. Whether it’s the big fish like Virgin care and Serco or other small providers.

The development of World Class Commissioning, the introduction of new Provider Organizations and the competitive tendering of services will change the delivery of healthcare.

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