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CCG Financial Management

We feel one of the keys to the success of CCG’s is CCG financial management at the local CCG level.

Many of the GP’s who are running CCG’s may also be very occupied in seeing patients on a regular basis, as this is what GP’s do best.

However, handling a multi-million-pound budget, preparing monthly management reports, interpreting and analysing key financial performance data, maybe something that GP’s running CCG’s may not have the experience to do. But we do.

Samera’s expertise is in the preparation, analysis, and interpretation of data to help clinicians make better decisions.

We have been doing this for many years helping Dentists all across the UK, and are now perfectly placed to help GP’s run a tight ship within their CCG’s.

Financial management is at the heart of good decision-making, all too often we see individuals and organisations make poor quality decisions as the preparation, analysis and interpretation of the data presented has been done poorly.

We know finance, and we know healthcare, so as you embark on managing your CCG, find a trusted partner that can help you from day one to ensure the NHS reforms work for you, your CCG as well as your patients.

By setting clear financial and non-financial targets which are in line with your CCG’s objectives and then monitoring monthly progress to these targets is the foundation of a successful performance management system.

CCGs will have to be accountable for their expenditure and maintain transparency, whilst at the same time they have to be assessing performance of the CCG.

Our financial management services for CCG’s include:

  • Setting Financial and Non-Financial Targets
  • Monthly Performance analysis and reporting of performance
  • Advising on Monthly budgetary control
  • Assisting in achieving the set financial targets
  • Monthly Book keeping and Bank reconciliation
  • Summarising all the above objectives into review report and releasing accurate statistics.
  • Prepare monthly management accounts
  • Prepare monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis
  • Annual accounts preparation
  • This service will help you to focus on clinical and patients’ needs, whilst we take away the burden of financial management and help you with the decision-making process.

The clinicians will have 24/7 access to key management and financial information to help make timely decisions on CCG performance, and access to an expert team who understand the commissioning and finance world.

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