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Private GPs

As the changes arise in the NHS, we are seeing increasingly private GPs services setting up across the UK. Such services will require GP’s to market, manage and build a strong profile across their target market.

As we have seen in the UK Dental market, dentistry has changed from a predominantly NHS market to one that offers private dentistry too. Private dentistry accounts for almost 50% of the total market value in the UK.

Whilst Private GP services, only account for a very small element of the spend on GP services, we anticipate this will grow further over the coming years.

GP’s wishing to offer such services will need to focus on strategy, marketing and financial management, to ensure they succeed if they wish to offer such services.

We have extensive experience in helping clinicians set up and build private practices, so please get in touch if you need further help. In addition, over the years many GP’s have attended our Setting up in Practice Bootcamp – which can help you gain ideas and inspiration as to how and set up a private GP business.

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