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At Samera we believe in the independent dentist, the dentist who went into dentistry to own and run their own dental practice. Over the last 20 years in dentistry, we have seen the corporatisation of dentistry and the values of practices rise and rise. That’s great for sellers, but for the average dentist wanting to make a decent living for themselves and their family it’s just getting harder.

The growth in corporate dentistry, whilst not always a bad thing, has seen more and more mini groups emerge. They buy dental practices with a view to hopefully selling a group at a greater multiple to a larger group – simple financial arbitrage. 

But what about the young dentist who wants to control their own destiny? Their options are limited, if they are lucky they may find a good value practice to buy to which they can add further value. Otherwise it’s either borrow to the hilt, buy a poor performing practice or do a squat dental practice.

Many practices are overvalued by a range of brokers, and whilst banks may lend to a buyer, it does not mean it’s a good idea to borrow all that money. 

Of course, leverage is important to get on the ladder of ownership, but I do wince when I see a 20 or 30 somethings borrow in excess of £1m for a dental practice. Yes, it may work financially if you work in the clinic, but does it really make good business sense?

Sometimes, it may. However, many a time it won’t due to the supply and demand levels of dental practices. The sellers often still achieve an overpriced valuation, as there is always someone desperate enough to buy a dental practice – a dental sales agent’s dream buyer!

Well, in 2021, at Samera we are launching our Buyers Support Service, which is aimed at buyers only. This compliments our Dental Practice Start Up Service, aimed at those wanting to start up a practice.

What is the Buyer’s Advisory Service?

Our buyer’s advisory service is a hands-on programme designed to help you at every step of the way when you buy a practice.

As dental practice owners ourselves we know what to look for, we know what makes a great practice and we know how to help you find the right practice for the right price. 

We can provide expert advice and professional services every step of the way, from thinking about location to negotiating the price. 

Our Dental Practice Buyers Service covers the following:

Free One-Day Virtual Bootcamp

This workshop is designed for dentists thinking about either setting up or buying a dental practice. This bootcamp is our most popular courses and has kickstarted countless dentists into practice ownership.

Dental Practice Valuations

Our accountants have vast experience in the dental industry and can assess the value and potential of prospective practices and identify the best options. We will conduct a full financial assessment of each practice you are interested in purchasing up to a maximum of 6 per annum.

Price Negotiation

Our experienced team of advisors will negotiate on your behalf for any practice you may be interested in making an offer. We will help you pay the right price for the practice

Raising Finance

Our team of commercial finance brokers provide a wide range of possible financial sources and deals to help you find the best terms at a reduced client fee of 0.75%.

Financial Due Diligence 

We will conduct financial due diligence, assessing all financial and tax records, system reviews and overall business assessments.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

We can provide expert assistance and advice for forecasting and managing the cash flow and working capital within your new practice for 3 years.

Accountancy and Tax

As experienced dental accountants, we will provide the full range of accountancy and tax services via our streamlined, digital system. 

Monthly Update Calls

Monthly accountability zoom call to ensure you actually get to your goal of owning a dental practice.

Join the Buyer’s Advisory Service

If you’re thinking about buying a dental practice and you want to make sure you find the right practice at the best price, contact us today.

We strive to ensure that we find you the practice that matches your precise specifications. Simply let us know what your dream practice looks like and we’ll get to work making that dream a reality.

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Further Information on Buying a Dental Practice

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