Dental Practice Mergers and Acquisitions

Helping Dentists sell and acquire practices for 15+ Years.

Dental Practice Mergers and Acquisitions

Dental practice merger and acquisition decisions can be very intimidating and perplexing. It might seem like a good deal but without a proper assessment of the proposition, you might be inviting trouble, therefore it’s essential you obtain specialist help in this area.

To help you make the right decision, our experienced team of advisors can help you assess each opportunity, whether you are buying or selling a practice. Our approach includes:

  1. ​​​​A detailed review of the proposition
  2. Analysis of the practice/business current service and structure
  3. Designing of an implementation plan
  4. Identifying any potential difficulties or abnormalities in the deal
  5. Constructing a robust plan to assist you in buying or selling the business

We will ensure that the above is executed and delivered. We have extensive experience and expertise in providing full support in terms of financial advice and transition plans.

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Precise Valuations

If you are looking to sell or acquire any dental business, it is important to have expert knowledge and advice on valuations.

At Samera, our approach is realistic yet practical. We carry out assessments to determine the actual market value of the business you are looking to sell or buy and based on the analysis, we present you with various scenarios helping you to make an informed decision.

Our approach encompasses a whole range of technical valuation techniques including EBITDA multiples, Net cash flow, Turnover % and also Net Assets calculations. As an experienced firm in the field of Dental Practice valuations for sale,  we are perfectly placed to help clients with valuations of practices.

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