Strategic Financial Coaching Programme
“The Ultimate in growing your Dream Practice”
Coaching with Arun Mehra FCA
Best in Practice Financial Advice from Arun
You won’t find a more experienced team to help you grow your dream practice. Arun has the commercial expertise to help with your financial and tax
aspects to ensure you grow your wealth.  Dr Smita Mehra is available if you need support from an experienced and successful practice owner.
Profit growth is really important–even a small profit increase of £5,000 can increase the value of your practice by a minimum of £30,000.
“Samera has dramatically changed the way I run my business. Any new developments are action-based on evidence as opposed to emotion. I can monitor my progress closely and can prepare well in advance if a storm is brewing. Best of all, the Samera team is a pleasure to work with.
”Dr Amit Coonar, Barnet Orthodontic Clinic, Herts, Strategic Business Support”
You will receive:
– Quarterly online meeting with Arun which will cover the following areas where relevant:
– Valuation of the practice as well as analysis of our growth equation toolto help you increase the future value
– Strategic Performance Measurement management and control of the practice
– External influences on practice performance
– Recognise and provide advice to prevent corporate failure
– Current developments and emerging issues
– Advice on how to improve in relevant areas
– Long term business planning
– Cash flow advice (approx. 1 hour meeting)
You will also receive:
– An initial one to one meeting to discuss and identify key long term achievements, agreeing and monitoring set targets.
– Set up and connection of your financials from Xero into our own bespoke financial systems.
Your Senior Business Growth Accountant will provide monthly detailed performance evaluations which will include:
-ROCE analysis, The return on capital employed measures how much profit is generated for every pound of capital (investment) and indicates how efficiently the company uses it’s money and assets.
– Liquidity analysis Identification of potential cash flow issues etc, how easily can you meet your current obligations?
– Working capital manageability analysis.  The term working capital means a company’s net current assets, i.e. stock, receivables less payables. Generally, a business is said to “manage” it’s working capital if it maximises cash generation from these items, i.e. quicker receipt of trade debtors (income on credit), longer time taken to pay suppliers, quick turnaround of stock etc. This is an important area as it affects cash flow.
– Non-financial analysis.  To be based on agreed targets.
– Benchmarking exercise.  This will compare your business to the best in class, so you can compare and identify room for improvement.
– Analysis of critical success factors.  Based on agreed targets
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