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Starting a Practice – Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Every year the Samera team work with hundreds of clients. Below is a sample of testimonials from just a few of our clients whom we have helped start their own practice.

Featured Success Story:

Maida Smiles Dental Clinic | A Samera Success Story

Maida Smiles is a new Dental Clinic opening in Maida Vale, West London. Pedro, the Principal dentist has been on a hard journey to get where he is today; but with Samera’s help, he has opened his first Practice.

Further Success Stories

Since I attended the boot camp last year, Nigel has been a one man advice/support network!  I’ve got a funding offer and hopefully my squat will happen, I can’t speak highly enough of Nigel’s input.

Mat Lowis, Dentist

I can’t recommend Samera enough to anybody looking to secure finance for acquisition of a dental practice. I speak from personal experience ….. It took only days to get the finance in place and furthermore Nigel Crossman has gone over his remit in helping me along the process with valuable advice that saves me much time and money!
Basically if you want a result …… call Samera!

Haram Abiff

“I am very impressed and thankful about the business services I have received from you. I cannot give enough thanks for your professionalism, attention to detail and the personal touch to a project. This has opened new business horizons for me. I think I have found a professional who can handle all my business issues for the future.”

Fary Johnson

Nigel has been great at getting funding for dental practice deals in the time we have worked together and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Aaron Yusuf

Nigel Crossman is a very nice professional and very helpful finance broker. Would definitely use again.

Ahmed Morhiby

Brilliant Team – Both my wife and I were new to the Dental Market, the support we received from Nigel and the Samera team was simply amazing. They understand your needs based on a consultative approach, craft a solution in accordance to the needs which is quite rare to see. I have no hesitation in recommending both of them and Samera as a go place.

Joey Desai

Arun and the team were fantastic, and took time to honestly explain past experiences of setting up practices. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Hershal Shah

I recently attended Samera’s ‘setting up in practice bootcamp’ in Weybridge and I must say it’s the best course I’ve been on all year by far! The Samera team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and were all very approachable. Arun and Smita were particularly inspiring and full of enthusiasm. This is a MUST DO for anyone thinking about setting up or acquiring a dental practice.

Chris Burn

Nigel Crossman recently helped me secure some important finance for our new squat dental practice. He was extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I would recommend his work and I look forward to working with him again. Many thanks, Murray

Dr Murray Pratt

I am a dentist setting up my own private dental practice and Samera have been a great help as my accountants, giving lots of advice, especially in regards to all the complicated financial matters and tax. Both David and Nigel have been amazing. I have also attended the Samera ‘setting up a dental practice’ course and would definitely recommend this to friends and colleagues.

Imran Kassam

Thank you Smita and Arun.
I really enjoyed meeting the team over the weekend. Your approach was informal, informative and inspiring.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering buying or setting up a practice but needs a helping hand to find their next step forward.I recently attended Samera’s ‘setting up in practice bootcamp’ in Weybridge and I must say it’s the best course I’ve been on all year by far! The Samera team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and were all very approachable. Arun and Smita were particularly inspiring and full of enthusiasm. This is a MUST DO for anyone thinking about setting up or acquiring a dental practice.

P Shah

“I attended the Setting up in Practice Boot Camp last September.

I stumbled across it after looking online for advice about purchasing a practice. Having recently been put into a corner by my practice owner- buy the practice for what seemed a truly shocking price or stay on as an associate under a new boss – I had the feeling that I wanted to try and explore setting up by myself. However, I felt very overwhelmed, rushed and insecure. The Boot Camp opened a whole new perspective for me and brought me clarity, calm and determination.

Smita and Arun’s personal story was an inspiration and really touched the hidden pioneer inside me who yearned to create her very own vision and practice. They, and their friends and colleagues, explained clearly which steps to take and which mistakes to avoid on the way to building one’s business. The weekend was fun filled and fast paced and I met many like minded, interesting colleagues and made wonderful new friends instantly.

I left, still feeling very scared, but mainly exhiliarated! It is no exaggeration to say that the Boot Camp was the main deciding factor in my decision to reject a very unattractive proposition. Since then I have been working very hard and, all being well, my fabulous new practice will open late this year.


Following the Boot Camp I booked Smita and Arun’s support services for the year. The practical help and advice that was promised was always reliably delivered, but the most important thing for me was the unwavering enthusiasm for my project and the chance to discuss concerns day and, very often, night.

When things went well, I felt progress and achievements were celebrated, and when I was having a hard time, I felt supported and strengthened by long personal conversations full of emotional support and practical tips. While I know that this is a business arrangement, I feel that what is happening to me and my practice is of sincere interest to both Smita and Arun and I hope to be right in saying that we have become friends in the process. I can recommend their help to anybody, you will be very well looked after!”

Dr Stephanie Kerk, Scotland

“I attended a setting up in practice seminar with Arun in July 2007. I always wanted my own practice I just didn’t know how to create it and I didn’t want to buy an existing one as I felt I really wanted to create something different.

I had a look around the Neem Tree practice in Wandsworth and it was a complete breath of fresh air. Arun, Smita and their team had created something so different and it was a very well-run practice which was successful.

I then arranged to do the Sprint programme with Arun. We went through and put into words and got on to paper what I had in my head: the vision of the practice. Arun helped me to create a business plan and created the financial projections and then gave me contact details of people
I need to get in touch with to start the project. So much time was spent planning which really helped the whole project run smoother later.

Throughout the whole process Arun and his team have been great, helped me so much and given me so much advice and stopped me making costly mistakes.

Arun is and always has been a phone call away during the whole project and always reassuring and insightful.

It was very comforting to know that you have someone who has been through the whole process twice and knows what to do or can refer you to someone who knows the answer to a challenge.

I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone to Samera and the Sprint programme. Setting up a squat practice can be a very daunting process but breaking the project down in to smaller chunks and then taking one step at a time, whilst keeping in mind the big picture is what really helped.

Arun and his team are very caring and provided an outstanding service. They helped me kick start my dream and this is something for which I am eternally grateful for.

When I enrolled onto the Sprint programme I was looking for an advisor what I got was a business advisor, a mentor, a coach and a true friend with my interests at heart.”

Dr Nadim Majid, Lifestyle Dental Care, Lancashire