Team Development – Berlin 2018

Team Samera Hits Berlin

Last week, six of us, Max, Nigel, Jules, Edel, Farisa and Arun hit Berlin for some team bonding.

Despite the freezing temperatures, we warmed ourselves up with plenty of currywurst, beer, wiener schnitzel, and some more currywurst!

Away from our normal routine, we had a lot of fun, but did a bit of work too!! Always good to get to know your team members away from the office – we find it helps build a stronger bond and team!

Arun wants to open a Berlin office (it’s right up his street), anyone want to get involved?    

About Arun Mehra

Arun Mehra FCA is a world leading expert on Dental Business and CEO of Samera. He has extensive expertise on financing, deal structuring and tax issues arising in Dental Businesses.

Outside of Dentistry, you can probably find him with a backpack travelling around the world.

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