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Brexit for Dentists

The Initial Reactions Planing for the Changes Your Brexit Strategy The Initial Reactions Despite the mixed feelings about Brexit for dentists, we are on our way to exiting the EU. The initial reactions were pretty considerable, and the drop in the pound value has not shown any sign of a [...]


Incorporation Update + BDIA

Hi Arun, I hope you are well. As we get nearer to the January tax deadline, we always get more enquiries regarding Incorporation (turning your business into a limited company). For the last 8 years (since July 2006) dentists have had the ability to incorporate their businesses into limited companies. [...]


BDIA Showcase

hi all, I hope you are well. I will be at the BDIA showcase on the Friday, anyone wanting to meet with a fun loving accountant to discuss money, tax or wealth, drop me an email on and book a coffee slot with me! I only have a few [...]


How your life changes from 1st October 2014

How your life changes from 1st October 2014 How often do you wake up to find that the laws and rules you have become so use have literally changed overnight? Well, as of this past Wednesday, 1st October, that is just what we did. A number of new laws have [...]


New Beginnings

Summer returned for a few days last week and everyone was out re-living the highlights of summer. Highlights of my summer included going out in the new family campervan to Camp Bestival , heading down to Lake Como (no I didn’t see George Clooney and it was pretty wet) and [...]


The Samera Profit App

Now available, the Samera profit App for dentists!!!! The only Dental Accountant doing thinks: Download, Use, Make Contact, Make profits!!!      


No More Money

A few weeks ago, in early July,  I attended the Westminster Health Forum in London where Barry Cockcroft, the Chief Dental Officer, made it clear that there was no more money available for NHS Dentistry. It was quite clear that funding for NHS dentistry has dried up, and the removal [...]


Wanted – Digital Marketing Professional

Wanted – Digital Marketing Professional – “Exciting Projects Expert” I am looking for an individual with the following key characteristics for the role of “Exciting Projects Expert”. This is a unique role in quite a unique business. If you or if you know of anyone this may suit, please let [...]