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15 Years 5 Hours

Through running our own dental practices, plus being an advisor to hundreds of practices across the UK, there is not much we have not seen.

We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of how to run a successful practice.

I recently held a webinar on “3 hours to transform your practice profits” over 5 days where I shared my real nuggets on how to run a commercially successful practice.

It doesn’t contain anything clinical (since I am not qualified to do this!) but I did share all my commercial experience of how to run and a build a successful practice.

These recordings are a culmination of 15+ years of myself working with dentists and their practices distilled into a 5 hour recording.

I can assure you will gain inspiration, ideas and learn important strategies to make a real success of your practice.

To purchase your webinar series, click on the link below:

3 hours to transform your practice profits

  • Understanding Finance to increase your profits
  • Leadership in Practice

  • 5 Hours to Transform your Dental Practice Profits

  • Marketing your dental practice to increase practice profits

  • Top 10 Mistakes to avoid when running a dental practice