Asset Finance

We have access to many asset finance providers these include the major banks as well as the specialist asset finance companies. When purchasing an asset it is always best to test the market and see what is available rather than just approaching one lender.

We can obtain finance for cars/healthcare equipment/machinery and boats. Samera Finance Ltd makes no charge to you for the sourcing of these loans.

If you are buying equipment for your business, from computer systems to larger equipment such as scanners and chairs, then consider financing this over a period of years, rather than paying this out of cash-flow and perhaps putting a strain on your bank account.

Asset finance can be structured over a number of years, 3-5 years usually, to assist you in managing your finances and providing you with a regular monthly payment.

You can also use this type of finance for vehicle purchase. Even if you have already obtained a quote – obtain some comparisons to make sure you get the best deal.

So why use a broker for asset finance?

At no cost to you – Samera Finance makes no charge to you to source the finance.

We will obtain several quotes for finance on the assets you need to purchase. You will benefit from:

  • Simple information gathering.
  • You get a wider view of the market.
  • A choice of competitive quotes.

So think carefully when buying assets and consider whether a cash purchase will place a strain on your cash-flow.

Asset Finance With Samera

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