Welcome to Samera Healthcare Advisors – Specialist Dental Accountants

For almost 15 years the Samera team have become the leading firm of UK Specialist Dental Accountants.

From our humble beginnings starting out in our family dining room we have grown to be one the most successful Specialist Dental Accountants advising Dentists and other Healthcare professionals across the UK.

At the outset, we started helping Dentists with their accountancy and tax issues. In fact, our very first client was a Dental Associate needing help with their accounts and tax, and now they are the proud owners of several successful practices in the South East.

Since our early days, we have now grown to have clients in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and virtually everywhere in England.

We have never been your traditional firm of accountants, but in fact always wanted to provide the full complement of professional services to our client base in order for our clients to build their wealth.

Whilst we, of course, provide all the necessary accountancy and tax compliance help to Dentists, Doctors, Pharmacists, Vets and other healthcare professionals, we do a lot more and feel we are perfectly positioned to advise as we have such a wealth of experience in helping our clients build their wealth.

The Samera Group is now made of 4 main areas supporting clients in all their needs.

Samera Chartered Accountants – Specialist Dental Accountants

At the heart of our business is our accountancy and tax advisory service. We are Specialist Dental Accountants and Tax Advisors to hundreds of Dentists, but also provide a really full service of accountancy and tax advice to Doctors, GP’S, Pharmacists, Vets to name just a few other Healthcare sectors.

So whether you are seeking new Specialist Dental Accountants to help you with your tax affairs, or want the latest Xero package implemented into your practice (We love Xero and our team is Xero certified advisors) our team of Specialist Dental Accountants and Healthcare accountants are perfectly placed to support you in your needs.

If you are seeking the best in Dental tax advice, again our team can understand your individual requirements. Whether it is income tax, corporation tax, or other taxes that are affecting you, our team of tax experts can support you too.

Separate to all the important compliance-related work, we are regularly requested by clients to prepare business plans and financial forecasts for their healthcare and dental businesses to support future growth and expansion ideas. Our business plans and financial forecasts are strongly liked by all the major finance providers to Dentists in the UK (which really helps in getting the best finance deal available).

In addition, we are routinely involved in helping clients prepare bid packs for NHS Dental and Orthodontic Tenders they are involved in, We have considerable experience in supporting clients through the process of winning NHS Dental tenders across the UK and across all General and Specialist disciplines.

Samera Commercial Finance – Helping Dentists Raise Finance

Through Samera Finance, we help clients raise commercial finance. If you are seeking finance to grow or acquire a Dental practice or Healthcare business, we are perfectly placed to help you raise finance at the best terms available in the market. Our approach to raising finance is to get you the best deal – period.

Samera Finance understands the mechanics and the pressures of raising finance, so our team can help you through the maze of financing, and will always help to try and get you the best financing deal in the market today available to Dentists and Healthcare Professionals.

Samera Practice Sales – Helping Dentists Sell and Buy Dental Practices

Samera Practice Sales Ltd is our business brokerage business. Our team possesses extensive experience in helping our clients get the best deal when it comes to selling their business.

Primarily aimed at Dentists, our team can help with valuing Dental practices and helping you get the best sale price for your dental practice. We value dozens of practices each month and help sell the full range of sizes of Dental businesses.

Whether you want a free dental practice valuation or are ready to sell your dental practice, our team are ready and able to provide the advice you require to help you move to the next stage of your life.

In addition, for any buyers looking to buy a dental practice, we would strongly recommend you register with us as we add new practices for sale to our database very regularly.

Samera Events – Specialist Business Events for Dentists

We love hosting events for our Dental and Healthcare clients across the UK and beyond.

Our long-standing Setting up in practice Boot Camp has seen hundreds of Dentists attend this course to help them buy or set up a successful practice. This is run bi-annually in Surrey and Manchester, for further details please click here.

We also run international events helping Dentists run better and more profitable Dental practices, in Mumbai and Singapore, to get on board for these events please sign up here.

Our Locations – Serving Dentists across the UK

We have offices in the South of England in Esher, Surrey, and offices in the Bramhall, Cheshire, in the North of England serving Dentists, Doctors, Vets, Pharmacists and other Healthcare Professionals with all their accountancy, tax and professional service requirements.

We have dedicated our information to motivate and inspire you to success.

One of the secrets to success is to first figure out where you want to be and then, how you will get there. We trust you will find the answers here.

As expert Specialist Dental Accountants and Advisors, at Samera, our focus is your future.

We look forward to being a part of your future successes.


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