Digital Marketing for Dentists

Grow Your Brand and Attract More Patients

Samera have been helping dentists expand their patient lists and grow their dental businesses. Now, we’re launching our brand new Digital Marketing for Dentists package, designed to build your brand awareness, attract new patients and grow your dental practice.

Digital marketing is the key to growing a dental practice in the modern world. With everyone spending so much time on their devices, it’s the perfect way to reach new customers and build a relationship with your existing patients. If you want to get more people through the door and increase your profits, you need to get your digital marketing right.

But how do you know we’ll be any better at it than if you handled it yourself? Well, you’d expect a company that helps dentists grow their dental practice do fairly well on Google for that search wouldn’t you?

Type ‘Start a dental practice’ into Google and tell us what the first result is.

Now try ‘Grow a dental practice’.

Now try ‘Sell a dental practice’.

See what we mean?

Digital Marketing for Dentists Package

Fast, Mobile-Friendly Website

The first stage in our Digital Marketing for Dentists package is to create a fast and mobile-friendly dental website that converts patients. Choose from a selection of great templates and we will use your branding and design specifications to build a website that attracts and converts new patients.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your new website will be fully search engine optimised to ensure you rank on the first page of Google within the first 12 months of the website going live. We will target keywords relating to your location, as well as specific treatments, services and offers.


Our team will handle all of your Pay Per Click advertising on Google Ads. You set the budget, you decide what you want to offer and we handle all the heavy lifting. If you offer one-off discounts, offers or events we can also create Facebook campaigns for these special events.

Social Media

We will set up and manage your entire social media portfolio. Let us know the platforms you wish to be on (we recommend Facebook and Instagram as a minimum) and we will run the day-to-day posting and analytics. All you need to do is send us some photos and videos and we’ll do the rest.


Content creation is a key element to any digital marketing strategy. Blogs work wonders for SEO and are the bread and butter of a dentist’s social media platform. Choose from a list of 100 titles (or let us know any particular topics you want covered) and we will produce 2 well-written and fully SEO optimised blogs a month for your social media, website and adverts.

What is Included?

  • Google My Business optimisation
  • Citation revision and creation
  • Online review management
  • Website design, production and administration (10 Pages, 500 words per page)
  • Superfast hosting for your website
  • Fully mobile-friendly
  • UX/UJ optimisation
  • SEO optimisation across all pages
  • Homepage speed management 
  • Online booking software
  • Call tracking software
  • Live web chat software
  • Mass email marketing system
  • Google ads administration
  • Social media channel integration
  • Blog creation – 2 500 word blogs a month from a list of 50/100
  • GDC and GDPR compliant

Optional extras:

  • Video production for ads and website
  • Bespoke landing pages for special events, discounts and offers.
  • Facebook advert campaigns for special events, discounts and offers.


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