The Success of Samera Bootcamp 2018

The Setting up in Practice Bootcamp 2019 is fast approaching on January 25th in London. With 20 clients booked in, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the Samera Bootcamp 2018, held in Manchester, when we had a similar number of attendees.

So, of the 20 attendees, what progress did clients make in buying /setting up practices?

Three clients have been successful in fulfilling their ambitions outlined at Bootcamp. Furthermore, several others have been viewing practices and sites and are still ongoing.

One client bought a practice in South west London financed through Samera Finance.

Two others have been involved in setting up practices in South / South West London. One client bought a practice that had been set up as a start-up (squat), the premises had been all fitted out with equipment etc. However, the practice had never opened due to planning issues. These issues have now been resolved and Samera Finance arranged the finance through one of the major lenders.

The second squat /start up was a practice that had been closed for two years. This needed updating in both equipment and premises, and the finance has again been arranged by Samera Finance.

Are you are thinking about buying a practice or setting up a new practice? Have a look at the Bootcamp 2019 page and see how the bootcamp could benefit you. Next year, we could be talking about the practice you have bought or set up as one of our success stories!

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Chris is the Digital Marketing Manager at Samera, in charge of content, social media and marketing. Outside of Samera he is usually reading, playing the guitar or playing with his cat Zelda.

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