Raising Finance

How Refinancing Can Improve Cash Flow

The situation that businesses are facing today present us all with many challenges. If you are finding yourself in a cashflow crisis at the moment there are various options you can consider to ease the current position. Review Your Costs Review your costs and see if any of your financial obligations can be extended to […]

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Why Now May be the Best Time to Refinance

In these uncertain times that we are currently experiencing, of furloughs, lockdowns and COVID19, we have seen extra pressure on business finances.   Having spoken to several clients, it’s our view that this may be a good opportunity to review your current financial arrangements, such as your existing business loans. Why Would You Want to Refinance Your […]

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Do you have concerns about UDA Clawbacks?

Are you worried about completing your NHS contract this year, could this have an impact on your businesses cash-flow position?  We know that UDAs can be missed for a number of reasons, such as a high performing associate leaving the practice or principle being unable to work due to illness, and this can cause issues […]

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Annual Investment Allowance

April’s year end is fast approaching, have you used your full Annual Investment Allowance for this tax year? The Annual investment allowance (AIA) gives businesses tax relief when purchasing assets such as plant and machinery i.e. dental chair. AIA allows you to claim back 100% tax relief on the asset purchased, which could help reduce […]

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Finance for GPs: Are you ready to become a new partner in your Practice in 2020?

Have you been thinking about becoming a partner at your surgery and you are not sure about what your next step should be, or if you will be able to secure funding? Don’t be concerned, most lenders are keen to lend finance for GPs for the buy-in loan that you will require, and lenders are […]

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7 Important Action Tips – Finance for Daycare Nurseries

Finance for Daycare Nurseries Parents are busier than ever, and childcare has become a necessity for many working parents, this has seen a growth in the need for more daycare nurseries in the UK. As you would imagine daycare nurseries are very highly regulated as they are responsible for the well-being of the children that […]

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Dental Practice Loans Best Banks & Hidden Truths

Is owning a dental practice worth it? Whether you are getting a dental practice loan to buy your first – or next – practice, being a dental practice owner is one of the most rewarding experiences that the medical industry can provide. Being able to offer essential dental care and treatment to your community is […]

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Finance and Business Loans to Buy a Dental Practice

One of the most important skills in your personal and business life is learning how to manage your finances. If you can manage this skill well, you will then be on the path to obtain finance and business loans to buy a dental practice. When you are seeking a loan to buy dental practices, banks […]

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