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Working from home

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Samera team are all now working remotely from home Our systems all work and it’s business as normal (as much as it can be). If you need to get hold of any of our team, email them directly, call their mobile number (if you have it) or contact […]

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Brexit for Dentists

The Initial Reactions Despite the mixed feelings about Brexit for dentists, we are on our way to exiting the EU. The initial reactions were pretty considerable, and the drop in the pound value has not shown any sign of a strong recovery – yet. Dropping from a pre-brexit value of around $1.55 to around $1.31 […]

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Are Dental Practice Values falling?

Back in 2007 I was heading the Merger and Acquisitions campaign for a growing dental body corporate. Our acquisitions pipeline had an average deal completion price of 104% of turnover. We grew the business from 80 to 132 practices in 3 ½ years, until merging the business with a larger corporate in 2011. In the […]

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New NHS Contracts, the impact on valuations

Changes in the NHS It is becoming more of a prospect that change is going to come in dentistry, possibly in 2-3 years and in a way of new NHS contracts. Principals who own NHS dental practices are currently facing uncertainty as to what the future Contracts will look like in terms of remuneration, with […]

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Dentistry in the UK and Europe 2016

Consolidations all around It is clear that we are fast moving from a world of one man band sole practitioners to one of multi-site practices or chains offering a variety of services to suit everyone’s needs. Dentistry in the UK and Europe is changing rapidly. Principals in the UK are using web and social media […]

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